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Modern Greek alphabet translation?

I know the greek alphabet by heart but I just dont know what the letters correspond to in english and would like to know, if anyone can tell me itll be greatly appreciated.


afc0788 Aηdяεω they get that pronunciation from the ancient greek alphabet, theres other differences to.

like in modern greek m is pronounced me but in ancient it's pronounced mu, and n is pronounced nu but in modern its ne (like in knee)

anyways I found what I was looking for, thanks everyone

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  • andrew
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    1 decade ago
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    Some of the letters don't have an exact correspondence to letters in the English alphabet.

    This website explains the letters well:

    Just notice that the website lists that Υυ (Upsilon) is pronounced like a German ü. I'm not sure where they get that information, but according to Wikipedia it's actually pronounced just like Iota (Ιι) (the ee in "meet").

    The combination ου is pronounced like the U in "tune" (unless you pronounce it like the British 'tyune")

  • 5 years ago

    The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures and the New World Translation are two different books. If you will take the time to use The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures and compare it with the New World Translation, you will find a vast amount of differences. Although Jehovah's Witnesses feel confident that the Society has restored God's true name "Jehovah" through the New Testament, they should feel more confidence in the fact that no one is precisely clear as to the correct way to pronounce "YHWH". We are certainly not here to prove how the way "YHWH" should be pronounced or that Jehovah's Witnesses pronunciation is incorrect. What does need to be addressed is how they use this term and their erroneous insertions of it throughout the New Testament . Although the term "YHWH" appears in the Old Testament, it is the Society's devious motive behind their insertions of the name Jehovah within the New Testament that need to be examined. Their own publication (Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures), proves the word "Jehovah" does not appear within the original Greek text. The Watchtower Society has intentionally inserted the name Jehovah were Lord appears within the New Testament to support their polytheist beliefs that Jesus is not Jehovah, therefore rejecting the deity of Christ. Perhaps inadvertently, they admitted to the fact that no Greek manuscripts contain God's name: There are so many differences and distortions within both books that I do not have enogh room here to list all the differences. I will note that where ever the bible is different to thier doctrine they made the changes. Thier doctrine was set before their NWT was written and low and behold it matches to the tee. Wow what a piece of work, right!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Α, α (alfa)

    Β, β (bita)

    Γ, γ (gama)

    Δ, δ (delta)

    Ε. ε (epsilon)

    Ζ, ζ (zita)

    Η, η (ita)

    Θ, θ (thita)

    Ι. ι (giota)

    Κ, κ (kapa)

    Λ, λ (lamda)

    Μ, μ (mi)

    Ν, ν (ni)

    Ξ, ξ (ksi or xi)

    Ο, ο (omikron)

    Π. π (pi)

    Ρ, ρ (ro)

    Σ, σ (sigma)

    Τ, τ (taf)

    Υ, υ (ipsilon)

    Φ, φ (fi)

    Χ, χ (chi)

    Ψ, ψ (psi)

    Ω,ω (omega)

  • 1 decade ago

    I just know










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