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What is the song during the end credits of the Family Guy episode "Jungle Love"?

It is an acoustic guitar I believe and I really like it but don't know what song it is. The episode is when Chris goes to the island to escape being hurt by everyone because he is a freshmen in high school.

The song is played when the credits start rolling, and I know it isn't the Indiana Jones theme song. The song is being played by an acoustic guitar. Please someone help!!!


Like I said before I know it isnt the Raiders of The Lost Ark music because I already knew that song. The acoustic guitar starts playing right when the credits start showing( the acoustic guitar plays instead of the family guy theme song with no words)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    At the end of this episode, it's the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark that is spoofed with the actual music score by John Williams. On the commentary for this episode, Seth MacFarlane says that if they wanted to use Williams' scores it had to be the original recordings, because any re-recordings would make the legendary composer angry.




  • 1 decade ago

    Let me tell you something if you can tell me where i can watch the full episode where the credits are shown and song is played then i would be able to tell you the song. See in the episode i have there are no ending credits.

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