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2001 Dyno VFR gt or pacific?

I have a red 2001 Dyno VFR, im wondering if this is a pacific bike or a gt, was it made before pacific took over?

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    Its a pre pacific Gt mostlikly as it would have been made in 2000. The difference though between a gt from that year to the next being a pacific gt is none really on the frame.

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    Hard to say GT went bankrupt in 2001 then was bought by Pacific Cycle.

    Dorel Industries acquired Pacific Cycles in 2004 and announced their acquisition of Cannondale in Feb of 2008.

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    It is because of something else. And it would be the same if you add battgirl's & just peachy's answers. YAP Q & As keep me abreast of what's going on back home & it reminds of how it used to be when I was there. Being able to help out by answering questions I know the answers to is a bonus, as I can be of help to other fellow Filipinos & Philippine travellers. And just like peachy's answer, I too am in the US & I agree there is no place like home.

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    None they both crap.

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