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How does 0bama keep getting away with stuff like this?????

Obama Campaign Runs Afoul of Finance Rules

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 8:25 PM

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

A Newsmax investigation of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign finance reports has turned up more than 2,000 cases in which individuals have made donations far above the legal limit of $2,300 per election.

Such donations, if not returned within 60 days, violate federal campaign finance laws.

Some can be chalked up to common names, such as Michael Brown, William Taylor, or James Smith.

But many others cannot.

On Aug. 31, for example, the Obama campaign filed a report listing a single donation from a Debra Myers in “Rancho Palos Verde, Calif.,” for $28,500 - more than 10 times the amount the law allows per election. Although Debra Myers is identified as a physician, only two individuals with that last name have a listed phone number in Rancho Palos Verdes (the city’s name actually does have an “s” at the end). Neither is a Debra or a “D” Myers, or a physician.

The Obama campaign also identified Woodrow Myers Jr. of Indianapolis, Ind., on Aug. 31 as having given $28,500 to the campaign. Woodrow “Woody” Myers is a former Indiana state health commissioner who spent $2.1 million of his own money in a failed special election to challenge Andre Carson, the grandson of U.S. Rep. Julia Carson, who died in December. The younger Carson won the race this year, with heavy backing from lobbyists, the Democratic Party and related PACs. (Interestingly, Woodrow Myers' wife is identified as Debra, although Newsmax could not confirm whether this is the same Debra Myers the campaign report lists as being from Palos Verdes.)

In an initial reply to Newsmax questions, the Obama campaign said it had refunded both contributions on Sept. 30, a day after a Newsmax investigation was published that revealed extensive federal election campaign violations by the campaign.

My question is, how does 0bama keep getting away with stuff like this?


Attn. ridethemidnightwind:

The source was in the first sentence. Do yourself a favor, go back and read the whole article with an open mind and learn something.

Update 2:

Attn. Clair: Sorry about your Dad. But you are blaming the wrong people. Bush didn't sign anyone up for the millitary. Make me wonder why some one would join the millitary if they are not ready to defend our country

Update 3:

Thanks for all the good answers!

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    Obama supporters just keep closing their eyes and covering their ears. they don't care if he's the leader of hamas they'd still vote for him..

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    For two primary reasons.

    One, the media is so rapt with the notion of proving their open-mindedness by hyping Obama, who is not only a Democrat but 'black', they just slide right over such news. They'll go on and on about the right of the public to hear the news, but apparently only what suits the media's agenda.

    Two, his supporters are so blinded by their frenzy to finally beat the Republican party, and so conditioned to ignoring the outrages perpetrated by their beloved Party, that the probably wouldn't notice if he admitted to the graft on national TV. If the media would even report it.

    Then, if the Republicans call him on it, the media screams about how racist they are.

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    Only as long as there are no independent verifiers. We know the Media won't complain, they're complicit in helping to elect him. It's up to the monitors to catch this, and conservative hawks.

    - The Gremlin Guy -

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    The Facts is that OBAMA has a lot of people who want to see him as the President and is will to help him get there. Obama has people willing to give concert to bring in money, the problem with McCain is don't no one want the old guy in office and their no giving him any money. and he mad about it

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    First - what is your source?

    Second - how does McCain get away with all his lies. He lied about his support for deregulation. He lied about his support for veterans. He cheated on his first wife (who was handicapped) with his current (trophy wife).

    And I won't even mention the lies from Palin, not enough bandwidth in the internet.

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    Because he is a liar and people believe what he says.

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    Our economy is ruined, and it's because of Bush, I personally don't want another Hill-Billy retard walking around playing President.

    And to answer your question is because this is honestly the most media affected election. McCain may be war hero, i'll give him that but I want dad to come home alive, not stay there till he dies.

    i may be young 12 to be exact but i want my daddy home...for good.

    Were not closing our eyes and covering our ears!

    We are being realistic, he's not the leader of whatever, again can you say MEDIA?

    If you can congragulation, you'r just that much more smarter, glad i could help, because you need it.

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