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I'm writing an article about CELEBRITIES AND POLITICS. what points should i make? tips?

So far, im going to mention some celebrites that are promoting voting with organizations like Declare Yourself and things...

I'm going to talk about celebrites taking sides with the candidates

And im going to talk about some negative aspects of mixing hollywood and washington

for example:

Paris Hilton being with Vote or Die but she wasnt registered (2004?)

Aubrey O'Day being a failure/slut and promoting Obama + making her dog wear an Obama shirt

Brooke Hogan not even knowing who our current VP is

Madonna insulting Plain at her concert

Bruce Springstein and Barbara Streisand having concerts in support of Obama


BTW, im writing this for my high school newspaper so it needs to be appropriate

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    Well, you can speak about what celebrities do in their personal lives, and how that affects their reputation. Once they endorse someone, it can hurt the politician . If I was a politician, I sure as hell wouldn't want Britney Speaks endorsing me. Also, politics and hollywood are both filled with grossly wealthy corrupted liars...maybe you can scoop up some dirt on that. I dont think celebrities influence the public when it comes to politics anyway, they are basically on a whole other planet. The average American can hardly afford a week vacation....while celebs and politicians travel at least 5 times throughout the year for leisure.

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    I think a valid point would be that they should all stick to what they are getting paid to do. When I listen to someone sing, I could care less what their political view are. I think sometimes it hurts their careers to push their views on the public. Look what it did to the Dixie Chix.

    Check out what Kid Rock says at this website:

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    You should publish that too after you get your credit so other people can gain some insight.

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