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which country has the best army in the world?

read before answering as this is multi answers i am looking for

A) if the army's of each country were the same size? and why?

B) if you took away all technology and left every soldier with a rifle? and why?

C) which country has the best Special forces? and why?

D) in your opinion which is the best army in the world? and why?

i don't want favouritism just because its your country like example im british so the british army or im american and were the best at everything.

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    The United States Army is hands down the best Army in the world.

    A: The size of an Army is not as important as the quality. The United States Army participates in more training than any other army in the world. The United States Army has a better organizational structure than any other army in the world.

    B: See A above; back to training and leadership.

    C: The US Army has the best Special Forces because we are able to provide them with the best intelligence, weapons, equipment, and support.

    D: The US Army is the best army in the world. There is no other army that is capable of deploying a brigade sized force any place in the world within 36 hours. No other army in the world can have a supply chain the size of the US Army and sustain it for prolonged periods of time. Supplies are the life blood of any army.

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    This question is only going to get opinion. There is really no telling unless all the armies of the world went up against each other. Which we all do not want. Even then the country that won could have had a lot of luck along the way. Or better yet did have a lot of luck because luck is a big factor in winning wars.

    It is luck and circumstantial. I mean look at what happen to Russia when they tried to defeat the middle east. All the middle east needed was those stinger missiles and they took out the Russians. Now if the middle east would have invaded Russia they would have got killed.

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    Its different at different times at present the USA for reasons already given here in the 60/70s Israel, in the period 39/45 Germany. in the world history of military structure its the British army who have been to war more times than any other nation and who always seem to pick the winning side even though we loose battles we always win the war in the end.

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    A) if all countries have the same size India would be the better, because apparently it has the best pilots in the world.

    B) if Australia has the same amount of soldiers as any other country, Australia would be the best with only a rifle, because it has the best trained special forces in the world (SAS).

    C) Australian SAS because a small army is easier to train and equip. this means there is more time to train them for longer.

    D) i reckon USA has the best army, because it has the best technology, large number of soldiers and well equiped.

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    that's a toss up between the USA and the UK

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    The answer depends on World War III...because the war after that will be fought with stones

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    A) USA because we have the airforce and naval capacity and superior training to transport and have all our soldiers on the ground before the enemy has a chance to retaliate. to the british person: the UK doesnt have the best army because you dont have the naval or airforce capacity to fight a large scale war anymore.

    B) whoever knows how to survive off the land they are at

    C) USA, UK, and australia because they cross train and are basically the same...

    D) USA because we have a large volunteer army with supreme training matched only by possibly the UK, but the british army is very small, doesnt have a large budget, and doesnt have a superior navy or airforce and i know the UK has the 2nd best navy but it is nothing compared the USA's. the USA has 11 carriers while the UK only has 2

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    Neither the US Army or any other Army in the world have a better special forces than the US Navy SEALs.

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    Army of eastern Craptonovia.

    It is army of 8 who defend country with small reptile and a jar of dessicated pigeon.

    Proven success as they successfully fought of a small army of rats who once passed through region during political uprising of 1987

    In addition, army regularly train by jumping in minus 150 degrees sea water while having hands tied behind back - this is also proving they are not Witches

    Our army have finest diet in world and the main army food is radio-active pork fat in chocolate.

    Despite all of this discipline and limited resources, we have resisted temptation to illegally invading any country. We don't kill innocent people and to top it all, we don't loot or pillage the wealth of the countries we do invade.

    To use English as example, we do not send our troops into a minefield without correct equipment. In our army, everyone gets equal share of pigeon and reptile.

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    I would have to say the Swiss Army because they have the best knives.

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