Who invented the electric guitar?

Who invented the Electric guitar and what is the evolution of it?

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    The first electric guitar was designed by George Beauchamp with the aid of Paul Barth. Once they finished the design they had a craftsman named Harry Watson create the first electric guitar in 1932 and it was a hollow body guitar called a "frying pan" due to it's appearance.It was a lap slide guitar. Later the first solid body guitar was created by Lester William Polsfuss stage name ( Les Paul ) which is the design used today.

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    It would be pretty much impossible to credit any one person with the invention of the electric guitar. The guitar was always a popular instrument in Jazz arrangements, but the lack of volume produced by gut strings made it difficult for guitarists to keep up with a horn section. It was seen almost exclusively as a rhythm instrument in these arrangements until the 1920s, when manufacturers started building larger, stronger braced guitar bodies, designed to use steel strings. These helped to give Jazz players a bigger sound, but it was still limited in it's performance applications. During the early 1930s, several engineers began experimenting with the use of magnetic coils as stringed instrument pickups. Several prototype designs started popping up, but Rickenbacker was the first company to release a production model guitar fitted with a pickup in 1932, calling it the "Electro Spanish". Three years later, Gibson released it's first, the now legendary ES-150. Jazz great Charlie Christian quickly adopted the ES-150, and is commonly credited for popularizing the mainstream use of electric guitars.

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