Do you think Obama agrees with Ayers on education matters?


Obama recommended publicly in the Chicago Tribune a book on juvenile justice by Bill Ayers which was very radical which embodied many of these ideas and which included a lot about education. So Obama was very aware of this in reality, and Bill Ayers, when he heard in late 1994 that a very well-to-do Republican philanthropist named Walter Annenberg had decided to give $500 million to different groups around the country to improve education in America's cities, as soon as Bill Ayers heard that, he wrote a grant proposal and succeeded in winning $50 million from this conservative philanthropist. Of course, this is a great example of how radical professors are often able to capture money from moderate or conservative donors without their realizing what's going on. And so he gets this $50 million to be used on a 2:1 basis to get matching funds. So in the end this foundation that Bill Ayers creates gets about $150 million. And when Ayers gets this grant, th

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. And when Ayers gets this grant, they set up a foundation and someone has to be chosen as chairman of the board and lo and behold, who gets chosen but Barack Obama.

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    ** This will most probably result in my having my answer deleted & my getting a VIOLATION notice again!! Yep! Can you believe it!! I do all my research & post ONLY THE TRUTH & these SMALL MINDED PANTY WAISTS on here go whining to '"Big Brother" because they can't even stand to read the TRUTH on here! But, like ANY DECENT AMERICAN SHOULD DO... I WILL NEVER QUIT! That's what THEY WANT US TO DO! So, here goes again!

    "Despite having authored 2 autobiographies, Obama has never written about his most important executive experience. From 1995 to 1999, he led an education foundation called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), & remained on the board until 2001. The group poured more than $100 million into the hands of community organizers & radical education activists.

    The CAC was the brainchild of Bill Ayers, a founder of the Weather Underground in the 1960s. Among other feats, Mr. Ayers & his cohorts bombed the Pentagon, & he has never expressed regret for his actions. Obama's first run for the Illinois State Senate was launched at a 1995 gathering at Mr. Ayers's home.

    The Obama campaign has struggled to downplay that association. Last April, Sen. Obama dismissed Mr. Ayers as just "a guy who lives in my neighborhood," & "not somebody who I exchange ideas with on a regular basis." Yet documents in the CAC archives make clear that Mr. Ayers and Obama were partners in the CAC. Those archives are housed in the Richard J. Daley Library at the Univ. of Illinois at Chicago.

    The Chicago Annenberg Challenge was created ostensibly to improve Chicago's public schools. The funding came from a national education initiative by Ambassador Walter Annenberg. In early 1995, Obama was appointed the first chairman of the board, which handled fiscal matters. Mr. Ayers co-chaired the foundation's other key body, the "Collaborative," which shaped education policy.

    The CAC's basic functioning has long been known, because its annual reports, evaluations and some board minutes were public. But the Daley archive contains additional board minutes, the Collaborative minutes, & documentation on the groups that CAC funded & rejected. The Daley archives show that Obama and Ayers worked as a TEAM to advance the CAC agenda.

    One unsettled question is how Obama, a former community organizer fresh out of law school, could vault to the top of a new foundation? In response to questions, the Obama campaign issued a statement saying that Mr. Ayers had nothing to do with Obama's "recruitment" to the board. The statement says Deborah Leff and Patricia Albjerg Graham (presidents of other foundations) recruited him. Yet the archives show that, along with Ms. Leff and Ms. Graham, Mr. Ayers was one of a working group of 5 who assembled the initial board in 1994. Mr. Ayers founded CAC and was its guiding spirit. No one would have been appointed the CAC chairman without his approval.

    The CAC's agenda flowed from Mr. Ayers's educational philosophy, which called for infusing students & their parents with a radical political commitment, & which downplayed achievement tests in favor of activism. In the mid-1960s, Ayers taught at a radical alternative school, & served as a community organizer in Cleveland's ghetto.

    In works like "City Kids, City Teachers" and "Teaching the Personal & the Political," Ayers wrote that teachers should be community organizers dedicated to provoking resistance to American racism and oppression. His preferred alternative? "I'm a radical, Leftist, small 'c' communist," Mr. Ayers said in an interview in Ron Chepesiuk's, "Sixties Radicals," at about the same time Mr. Ayers was forming CAC.

    CAC translated Ayers's radicalism into practice. Instead of funding schools directly, it required schools to affiliate with "external partners," which actually got the money. Proposals from groups focused on math/science achievement were turned down. Instead, CAC disbursed money through various far-left community organizers, such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (or Acorn).

    Obama once conducted "leadership training" seminars with Acorn, and Acorn members also served as volunteers in Obama's early campaigns. External partners like the South Shore African Village Collaborative & the Dual Language Exchange focused more on political consciousness, Afrocentricity, & bilingualism than traditional education. CAC's in-house evaluators comprehensively studied the effects of its grants on the test scores of Chicago public-school students. They found no evidence of educational improvement.

    CAC also funded programs designed to promote "leadership" among parents. Ostensibly this was to enable parents to advocate on behalf of their children's education. In practice, it meant funding Obama's alalma mater, the Developing Communities Project, to recruit parents to its overall political agenda. CAC records show that board member Arnold Weber was concerned that parents "organized" by community groups might be viewed by school principals "as a political threat." Mr. Obama arranged meetings with the Collaborative to smooth out Mr. Weber's objections.

    Source(s): The Daley documents show that Mr. Ayers sat as an ex-officio member of the board Mr. Obama chaired through CAC's first year. He also served on the board's governance committee with Mr. Obama, and worked with him to craft CAC bylaws. Mr. Ayers made presentations to board meetings chaired by Mr. Obama. Mr. Ayers spoke for the Collaborative before the board. Likewise, Mr. Obama periodically spoke for the board at meetings of the Collaborative. Mr. Ayers is the founder of the "small schools" movement (heavily funded by CAC), in which individual schools built around specific political themes push students to "confront issues of inequity, war, and violence." He believes teacher education programs should serve as "sites of resistance" to an oppressive system. (His teacher-training programs were also CAC funded.) The point, says Mr. Ayers in his "Teaching Toward Freedom," is to "teach against oppression," against America's history of evil and racism, thereby forcing social transformation.
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    I think he recognizes something must be done about educational institutions in America and has an open mind but a stronger point I will make. In a dissenting U.S.Supreme Court opinion, Justice Holmes defined 'freedom of speech' as 'free trade of ideas' and added, 'the best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market'. As applied today, when all within Our Nation have become Americanized, and when all of our people have received schooling, not only in the matters of common learning and governmental testing but also in the fundamentals of government as employed in a republic, these ideals will become realities.

    Source(s): Abrams v United States 250 U.S. 616
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    I thoroughly consider Obama. many people fail to realize that Martin Luther King Jr. became into incredibly captivated with white prostitutes and could have drunken intercourse events with the money he won for the church. besides the indisputable fact that, he of direction became into the chief of helping to end segregation. Are you going to undergo in techniques MLK Jr. for liking white prostitutes or are you going to undergo in techniques him for being the youngest guy or woman to acquire the Nobel Peace Prize for his artwork to end racial segregation and racial discrimination by using civil disobedience and different non-violence, for this reason extensively changing united statesa. into what it rather is as we communicate? Ayers could have confidence in radical violence yet is he appearing upon it? No he's not. he's now a outstanding Professor on the college of Illinois at Chicago. he's coaching for social justice, city educational reform, narrative and interpretive study, babies in undertaking with the regulation and different themes. he helps scholars on the college as properly as babies in undertaking with the regulation. you won't be able to learn Ayers to the terrorists of 9/11. how many of the 9/11 terrorists do you notice coaching at a school and helping others out? i haven't seen one.

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    0'Bama only agrees with 0'Bama. He used Ayers for political gain just like he used Wright's church. He's using his white mother and grandmother whenever convenient for political gain. He has no emotional use for either of them.

    All we can do is listen carefully to what he is saying and pray to god he is telling lies otherwise we will be spending money like we've never seen before, paying taxes like we've never seen before and fighting wars on three fronts in Afghanistan, Pakistan and central Africa.

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    Who knows? Obama didnt say that did he? In fact, he refuses to really talk about his relationship with Ayers on any level other than to say that he detested what he did. Funny, you would have thought that the Chicago boys that arranged for Obama's meeting at Ayers house would have known about him wouldnt you? Also funny that if Obama was not of like mind, that it would have been very very very unlikely that they would have taken him to Ayers place at all. Hmmm...wonder.

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    BIG YAWN. You realize the grant you're talking about came from Republican Walter Annenberg, right?

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    well you know what we all know did you hear what type of programs Osama handed out the money to it is crazy classes on radicalization ?????

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    Depends on the topic.

    You can read synposes of Ayers classes and read his books if you like. Then you can make your points.

    Source(s): He is well published and teaches at the U. of Illinois in Chicago. GOOGLE him and find out. I did. He's not a radical. Sorry, but there's really nothing there Obama-smear wise.
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    Yes, they are both for the education of destroying this country and corrupting the young peoples minds!!!

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    Of course he does, they both have an agenda and Ayers is the one that launched Obamas career he's given millions to Obama.

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