I am a pre diabetic? I need to know more! ?

I went to the doctor yesterday.She said i am a pre diabetic..I should i have asked yesterday but i didn't think of it. 1.What is it? She didn't really tell me anything she just told me that's what happened & this is whats going to happen..2.How do i help myself?

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    i just got a glucose test back that seems to indicate that i'm pre-diabetic but it was just one test and i might have messed up the fasting test because i exercised before hand. anyway talk to your doctor and ask that you have more tests to confirm your diagnosis. then work on an exercise program if you don't exercise already and work with your doctor on what you should eat and what you shouldn't. stay off the sodas and sugar foods!

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    One of the answers you got indicated that you shouldn't eat sweets, but it goes far beyond that. Carbs turn to sugar, so you need to watch your carb intake. You don't have to avoid any one food, but be cautious. For example if you eat pasta, skip the garlic bread. Don't have potato and corn at the same meal. You can have that piece of chocolate cake, but not if you've had a hamburger bun and fries, and pass on the ice cream to go with it. Keep your weight where it should be and exercise. If you keep your weight down and exercise your chances of it ever going to full blown diabetes will go way down.

    Good luck. I know you can do it.

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    Eat fish(Not coated),chicken turkey eggs bacon,all meats (except DELI MEATS) .All vegetables/salads (except fruit salads) Home cooked oatmeal.(not instant)-whole grain bread & butter(one with each meal. .Have a fruit (banana, orange,apple etc...(one with each meal)Drink water,tea coffee (use artificial sweetener) & cream.Exercise every day.A fast paced 1/2 hour continuous walk would be fine.This should give you a good base to start from.See your Dr.& get the OK to exercise.

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    just don't eat 2 much sugary things and watch ur diet all should help u

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