Is the University of Alabama in Huntsville a good aerospace engineering college?

I'm looking at UAH as a possibility for college (Junior in HS now) and want to pursue a career in aerospace engineering. Is this a good choice, because I never see it in searches of colleges.


I live in PA, but a family friend went there and is working on nanotechnology for NASA now, so that's how I heard about it. Another reason is that my older brother lives about an hour away, so the location was good. I went to their website (probably biased as heck) and it said graduate students were getting job offers before graduation. It is also near several NASA and military installations.

Looking for something in propulsion, aircraft/spacecraft design, or materials research.

Update 2:

I take several advanced classes (one year ahead in my science classes, honors english since 9th grade, and in Pre-Calc) but don't necessarily get straight A's. Only ever got a C average once last year in math. A's and B's are my average (would help if I studied).

Update 3:

Managed to raise the C in the third nine weeks.

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    Eh... U Alabama in Tuscaloosa would be a stronger choice. If you did decide to go to Huntsville, check to see how the graduates of their aerospace program do re: finding jobs in their field after graduation.

    And no matter where you chose to study, do an internship in the field you hope to enter, and that will *really* help you get a job when you graduate. I can't stress that enough.

    In case you're looking for additional options, the best engineering colleges in and near Alabama - and you'd need to check to see if they offer aerospace - would include: Embry Riddle - one of the top aerospace programs in the US, actually, along with Georgia Tech - as well as: Baylor, U Texas Austin, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M College Station, Rice, Duke, North Carolina State U Raleigh, U Florida, U Virginia, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Clemson, and U Tennessee.

    Of engineering schools in AL, Auburn is the strongest. If you have the academics, then it may be one to put on your list. U Alabama Tuscaloosa is another strong program in AL, and worth looking at.

    If you don't mind travelling, Embry Riddle, in Florida, has more or less the same admissions stats as U Alabama Huntsville - same GPA, around the same SAT scores - so if you think you'd get into Huntsville, you may be able to get into Embry Riddle. And Embry Riddle is one of the top aerospace engineering programs in the US. It's very well respected. Could be worth a look.

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