Trying to find answer to the greatest mystery of the universe :)?

I've got two actually. Which came first. The chicken or the egg? Also, if a tree fell in a forest and no one was around. Would it make a sound? If the Yahoo community can help figure this out, then I think our next feat is the "Mystery of the woman's mind" lol :)

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    1. The egg came first. An egg is identified by what comes out of it. If the last generation of pre-chicken laid the egg, then the egg was a pre-chicken's egg (note the use of the possessive, meaning it was laid by the pre-chicken). However, the egg, in and of itself, was a Chicken Egg, because a Chicken came out of it. So, the egg came first.

    2. A falling tree creates compression waves in the air. Sound is what is produced when these compression waves come into contact with an ear drum and are converted into Sound. So, if there is no one around when the tree falls, there are no ear drums to convert the compression waves into Sound, and therefore, there is no Sound.


  • Bob D1
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    1.) Neither, the evolution leading up to the first true chickens and eggs would have been far too slow to determine the exact point in time when a slightly non-chicken would have created the first true chicken. Their evolution would have been almost simultaneous, relatively speaking.

    2.) No sound would be produced by a tree falling in a forest when no one was around to hear it. Here's why. When objects fall, they do not produce sound waves but "pressure waves." There's a significant difference. It is pressure waves impinging upon the eardrum which causes the sensation of sound. For example, a tape recorder and a microphone in the same scenario, just replaces the eardrum by a device that translates pressure waves into sound waves. So, no true sound waves are created by a tree falling in the forest if no one else is there to hear it.

    See: If a tree falls in a forest

    3.) Some things are better left a Mystery.

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    The answers to your questions depend on the definitions of the words used.

    If by "egg" you mean any kind of egg, then you could confidently say that the egg came first because egg-laying animals existed long before the first chicken.

    On the other hand, if by "egg" you mean specifically a "chicken egg", then perhaps some kind of non-chicken bird laid the first chicken egg (possibly though genetic mutations of sex cell DNA acquired in an adult).

    Sound can either be described as vibration of particles within a medium, or the perception of such vibration. And depending on these definitions, you could answer that question with a yes or no, respectively.

  • Feythe
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    Mystery #1: the egg came first. Fish lay eggs and they were around before land animals.

    Mystery #2: A falling tree produces sound waves, regardless. Just because there's no one around to "hear" those waves doesn't mean they aren't there.

    Mystery of the Woman's Mind: you're the wrong gender, so I can't tell you. :-) Sorry.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The chicken and egg one has always boggled my brain :D and it's literally a good question.. Which one WAS first? Now.. about the tree.. yeah.. I think it would still make a sound.. it's just that if no one is around.. of course they're not going to hear it. lol :D

    Also.. being a woman myself.. I don't even know if I've figured out the mystery of my own mind ;-) lol So good luck with that!

  • eri
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    The egg came first. Animals do not evolve after they are born/laid. The animal that laid the egg of the first chicken was not-quite-a-chicken.

    Yes, a falling tree produces sound waves. Even if nothing is there to receive and interpret them, they are still produced.

    This woman is mystified as to why you'd elevate such easily-answered questions to the 'greatest mystery in the universe' level.

  • Anonymous
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    1) In all reality, neither. A good analogy would be taking the limit as k approaches infinity of sin(k).

    2) Yes it would make a sound. As the sound travels, it spreads out like a wave, and becomes less condense which is why you can't hear it, but literal sound particles are moving. An analogy to this is saying that if you close your eyes, nothing is there, which is obviously not right.

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    Egg came first, from the proto-chicken.

    Yes, you can hear the tree fall. Believe it or not there have been test to prove this using a simple tape recorder.

    I think youd have a easier time figuring out T.O.E. than the womans brain. ( Good luck w/that one.)

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  • Geo K
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    Just to let you know, dinossaurs laid eggs long before anyone even thought of a chicken!

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