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how much developer to mix with hair dye?

i bought bright red hair dye from sally's, i also bought the big bottle of 30 vol developer, but there is no instructions, so i need to know how much developer to mix with a 1.2 oz bottle of hair dye

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    like candy said, it should say 1:1 or 1:2 o the box or bottle. if its 1:1 you need to mix 1 oz of developer with it. if 1:2 you will need to mix 2 oz with it. what color is your hair now? is it your natural color? this is important, because you could have gotten the wrong developer, if you are only depositing color you only need a 10 volume, and if your hair is dyed dark you will need to strip the hair first, with a 40 volume or a 30 volume as bleaching should not be used to lift that many levels. if its your natural color, it would be fine to use a 30 volume if you are lifting to go lighter.

    Source(s): i work at sallys and go to cosmetology school.
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    some where on the bottle of color it should say 1:1 or 1:2 or something similar. That would be the ratio. one part color to 2 parts developer. It honestley depends on the brand you are using. But if you call sallys and ask them the mixing ratio they will be able to tell you.

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  • hatti
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    How To Mix Hair Color

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    I almost use the whole Tube in the formal. But it turning out good right now

    So I'm siting in the chair waiting for it to work.

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    Hope this helps!

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