World of Warcraft QUESTION needs a urgent answer?

What are the basics of world of warcraft because people say it gets less confusing when u learned the basics but i dont know the basics plz i really need to know i love this game but its complicated i just want to understand

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    You can learn all the basics from the WoW website. WoW is very user friendly and is easy to learn. If you need to learn the controls there is the manual or you can find them on the site provided. Don't think that basics are the answer to being good at WoW, they will just help you understand the game better. After playing for a day you'll get the hang of it and after more time you'll be a pro and teaching people about the game yourself. If you have the game don't forget to keep the Help option on, it will really help. Pardon the pun.

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    3 types of roles for classes to play: Tank, Healer, DPS

    Quests level you up fast.

    Instances get you gear fast.

    Battlegrounds get you honor points to buy exclusive items.

    You get horses and other rideable mounts at level 30 and up.

    At level 60-70, you get to do raids, party with 10 or more people to take on huge bosses.

    Learn professions to make money.

    This is an endless game and will eat all your free time if you don't control yourself.

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    ok first al least start some quest then when you get some levels up keep killing stuff then get the stuff you killed from the things you killed and sell it then go meet new peole and asked them to help you with exploreing,killing,and making money. You will need alot of money on world of warcraft to buy cool stuff or nice swords or amor some wepons and amor you can find by killing animals or other things. when you get level 30 a good place to hunt or go fishing or kill stuff or tame animals is stranglehold vale. Boodybay is a place where you can go to the enmeys terrrtory dont try to swim across the sea you will die

    Source(s): friend is Rezmic in the realm Cairne level 35 or 36 hunter
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    ok properly first it relies upon what faction you desire to play as Horde or Allience, Allience i think of that a hunter is the bomb they're the eaziest to point I definitely have a point 26 Dwarf hunter and that i like him doesent be counted what race evening elv or Dwarf there the two great. in the journey that your searching for skill and wicked armour then the Warrior is Awsome!. For the Horde additionally A hunter si a thank you to circulate however the superb race for hunter is the orc by using fact the orc has ranged attack skill united statesthat come mutually together with his race additionally Horde Shamens are additionally an exceedingly good class yet for the two Factions my solutions would ought to be any race and the class hunter

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    The Basics: If your a Healer, Heal. If your a Tank, Tank. If your a DPS, DPS. If your a Healer, Don't DPS. If your a Tank, Tank. If your a DPS, be considerate of your Healer. Use common sense and when doing things in teams, do them for the GG. (Greater Good). If it means you take a dirt nap, but you save the rest of the party, then so be it. Do your job. PvP is for going outside your jobs role. PvE know your role.

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    the basics what are you talking about the game is simple and fun there might be some complix parts but there far at the end.# 1 rule have fun.

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