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why do tennis ball cans have lids?


I mean that they have those can lids under the plastic lids. I know what the plastic lids are for, but why do they have can lids?

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    for the same reason your can of beans have lids. So they stay airtight so they are fresh when you first open them. They put the three new fuzzy balls in the can (freshly inflated) and they seal it tight with that metal part (the can lid in your words). Now, no air can get out from the balls and no air can come into the can so the balls stay clean and unaffected by the natural elements such as air and water. You will notice that the cans have alot of pressure inside them. Enough pressure that the plastic lid just cannot handle. Some cans may need to be on the shelf for a long time and have to travel long distances to get to your tennis court.

    maybe the cans are inflated so when they are transported, because the can will not crush easily, it protects the balls from being bumped or crushed and you should know that anytime a tennis ball is hit or bounces on the ground that a little bit of air comes out of it. again to keep that air in the can so it pushes out against the inside walls of the can needs to stay in there and we can only accomplish that with a can lid that is sealed tightly.

    the main reason for the can lid is, again to keep the pressure in the can, but not for freshness, but so you can remove the plastic lid, throw the can up as high in the air as you can and....BOOM! what you have is a great warm up exercise of "reacting to all three balls flying in the air and catching them as fast as you can"

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    Whew! What a variety of answers.

    Clearly, the plastic lid has nothing to do with maintaining air pressure. That is accomplished by sealing the tube with the metal lid. Once the tube or can is opened, the plastic lid will not keep in the pressure.

    This leaves the lid as having one major function. After the tube is opened, the lid serves to keep the balls in the tube if you choose to save the balls for later use.

    There is also a second function served by the lid, although it is undoubtedly a minor one. Before the can is opened, the lid covers the opening ring and prevents intentional (as in the stores) or accidental opening of the can before it is ready to be used. But this is a minor function compared to that of keeping the opened balls in the can.hooked the opening ring.

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    Most of these answers are not clear at all. The metal lid is there to keep the air pressure in the container until it is opened. Tennis balls have air pressure higher than normal air pressure, because it makes them bounce better. A week or two after the cans are opened, the balls lose so much pressure that they are almost unplayable..

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    well the plastic lid is to keep in the can

    but the tin part of the can is to seal the balls so they don't get old, like when you leave a ball outside for a long time. This way they don't get old or flat just sitting in the store

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    It is a manufacturer design to stabilize the plastic material of the can in the manufacturing process. Along the production line, a clamp hold on on to the lid, which is the more solid part of the can, as the can being filled with balls.

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    ya know that sound when you open the ball???? the sound like air coming out???? thats because there is air in the can to keep the balls fresh and new. Thats why at junior tournaments they wait until your about to go on the court to open the can of balls...to keep them new and fresh!!!! so that they bounce better! =D

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    So the balls will stay in the can. This is a dumb question.

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    So that the balls will stay in place and not fall out.

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    so the tennis balls don't flatten out before you us it!:]

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    So the balls don't fall out!

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