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McCain supporters...does this accurately portray you?

I really hope not...but unfortunately the way this campaign and even this board has turned...I actually think this is how the majority of you are.

McCain/Palin Mob 1

Youtube thumbnail

McCain/Palin Mob 2

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So is it safe for me to picture this in my mind when I read your answers/questions on here???


Morganie: Did you watch the videos??? Because you are kind of proving my point. Thanks.

Update 2:

Angry Left? Where have I showed anger? Look at the responses here...look at the ones showing anger...just look at Morganie...she is spouting off enough for all of you.

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    I am not sure I am voting for McCain any longer, I may elect to not vote at all or go thrid party - maybe I will stick to McCain - but I will say this

    That reporter just also but at stake the woman' life by coaxing her to say her full name on tape.

    Secondly, I think it fair that if Obama is not guilty of anything, then he should not fear an investigation. Is it because of his name or race? No, not for me. I live in Chicago area and know the corruption of the politicans and governing office here, it is disgusting. Currently under investigation, AGAIN.

    Personally, I think that I have a right to feel safe with my President. Ayers is not repentent and there is long time ties between them if you really look into it. The money raise for "education" by Obama and Ayers did not go to public schools, where it is badly needed, take a look at the records. it went to special interest groups that spew racism and that are very very far left liberals and ideas that border on socialism.

    You can say McCain and Keating or Iran Contra, but the difference is that these HAVE been investigated already. If Obama is innocent, then put it on the table and let it be investigated!

    I agree that some of the things being done these past couple weeks also border on socialism. So either way, we are dammed.

    I also would expect for Obama, if he is for the people, to look at his own party, those in Congress, those caught red handed in contibuting to the down fall of this economy, and insit on THEIR investigation and THEIR dismissal, both sides Frank, Dodd and others. As for the kickbacks, Obama should volunteer to returning them and make the others do the same. if he is fact for the people, because right now, we are being stuck big time!

    AS for McCain, I am really bothered by statement at a rally with Palin where someone yelledout "kill him". As a Christian, Palin should have stopped and corrected that and said it was not right. It is very troublesome indeed. Having said that, I see the racism card heavily played on the side of Obama.

    This is by far, the most sleaziest and corrupt campaign for President on both sides that I have ever seen. It DIVIDES the COuntry and the result, regardless of who wins, will not be pretty afterwards, I see that coming all ready. This Nation has taken a step backwards on race issues, and you can thank BOTH parties for it!

    I ask you also that you do not send me an insulting email like you did before. You asked a question, I am answering and am intitled to my own opinion.

    By the way, regarding your last question, is that what you should expect? Well, given that both sides will act up, yes, I think that is what you can expect. If McCain wins, there will be an outbreak on the race card. If Obama wins, there will be outbreak on the ideas of a potential threat sits in office.

    People want answers on everything, including character of the President to be, I don't think that is to much to ask for such a Powerful office and I think that all Americans deserve this from BOTH Candidates!

    EDIT - I gotta agree with Teresa - if you look at that video, who really started the racism and removing of others right o have an opinion, and do they even know why? Pathedic!

    EDIT TWO - having seen those videos from Teresa - I am back with McCain - no doubt! I still don't like that Palin didn't say anything, but I am back.

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  • Anonymous
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    No, it does not. It IS sad on both sides when people claim things about people without facts. The best thing BOTH sides should do is say, "Let's shine the light of truth on all questions".

    What do we do in court? We say that people are INNOCENT unless there is evidence "beyond a reasonable doubt". So ask the right questions - be curious - but also do not be hateful and condemn a person before the evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I think people can find voting records fairly easily at - those facts are not in dispute. Each person can ask why a senator voted the way he did (e.g. why did McCain jump on the Fannie Mae reform bill after Hagel had sponsored it? why didn't it pass? Also, why did Obama vote 94 times to increase taxes on people making as little as $42,000 per year?)

    A good example is the website below - some may say it's pure "anti-Obama", but I'm open to an "anti-McCain" site because I want to know the facts and I want to know what I may not already be aware of. If you don't like the articles at the below website, for instance, tell me why they are or are NOT true. If you don't know, do more research.

    I think we are all obligated to read the U.S. Constitution and research the heck out of each candidate until election day, since the winner will be sworn to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution" with "so help me God".

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  • I think the first man that answered him hit the nail on the head; the guy operated the camera was looking for a sound bite and he was in fact trying to put words in the mouths of everyone he stopped.

    Had my freedom to walk down that sidewalk been impeded by that Obamabot I would have answered him with "Obama is a CARD CARRYING Socialist, Masurian candidate who it has been proven is supported by terrorists all over the world. He was manufactured by some of the worst enemies this country has for the sole purpose of bringing down the greatest country in the world and the one country that has always stood in support of Israel."

    EDIT: I've given this a bit more thought and decided to comment on the "mob" reference in the videos. I think that's a bit over the top considering they were stopping people who were casually walking down the sidewalk to ask them "individually" what they thought about Obama. Now if you want stupid mob mentality, you should check these folks out. Unlike the McCain/Palin voters that were stopped individually in your video these folks don't even know who they're for or against.

    Youtube thumbnail

    And then we have the devoted Obama supporters in Denver letting us know that only Obama friendly media sources were welcomed there.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Does this accurately portray you? I really hope not...but unfortunately the way this campaign and even this board has turned...I actually think this is how the majority of you are.

    EDIT 2: Gardner, consider the possibility that Sarah Palin didn't actually hear what was yelled clearly enough to respond to it. Depending on the location of the microphone that picked up, it may have sounded very clear to us watching the video, but she may not have thought she heard it correctly from her position on stage. I have VERY serious doubts that she would ever condone such a comment.

    Additionally, did you notice the cameraman's racist remarks to the man he tried to make answer why he an "African-American" was voting for McCain? This is the message that the DNC is sending to all African-Americans, that they're not being true to their race if they don't vote for Obama. How sick is that?

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    If you are asking me if Obama is a terrorist, you would have to define what you believe a terrorist is. His associations with America Haters and Domestic Terrorists is well documented. Is Obama going to blow up buildings? No but his policies will harm America.

    So you have a couple of YouTube videos with a few whackos. Trust me, the Far Left is far worse.

    How many of you Space Cadets have claimed that Bush planned 9/11? Even Bill Clinton calls these people fools.

    I'm sure you did not see any of the footage of Left Wing Protesters at the RNC in St. Paul. Breaking windows, slashing tires, throwing bleach on an elderly couple, a cell that was planning on kidnapping Delegates...You should watch where you point your finger, Boy.

    Liberals like Obama have no respect for the Constitution. It is laughable that Obama was a Constitutional Law lecturer (never a Professor) and he doesn't even understand the 2nd Amendment.

    Do some research. Obama and his friends are a danger to the welfare of this country.

    No, it is not reasonable for you to group me in with the ten people in those videos.

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  • Joe
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    I think you have to consider the source when making decisions based on any issues related to the candidates. There are plenty of people that are voting for one candidate or another without ever having a true understanding of the major issues facing this nation. There are plenty of people that will be voting solely based on race, as well as some people that are voting based on how they view each of the candidates body language.

    I think a few things that we all agree on are:

    The idea is to vote for the best candidate for the position.

    Regardless of who is elected into office, we will not see any immediate fix to the financial crisis facing this nation.

    All of the candidates at one point in time have said things that they are probably second guessing themselves on.

    All of the candidates have not been completely honest with the american public in a number of statements made both in ads and in the debates. Unfortunately in all countries, it seems that it is a prerequisite for those people elected into public office to often mislead voters intentionally solely to gain votes.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Obama is for murdering unborn children and leaving the babies that happen to live from an abortion to die without any intervention. He is friends with terrorists. He is anti-American. So yeh go ahead and picture me with the ones in the videos.

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  • Maudie
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    1 decade ago

    We could easily come up with youtube clips depicting all kinds of crude or dumb behavior on anyone's behalf. You're free to "picture" anything you like. Whatever gets you through babe.

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  • you mean as compared the youtube and media rumors that have Obama supporters being Muslim, terrorist, left wing loons who hate America, embrace Islam and are Race card warriors who make fun of Palin's personal life and McCain's age?

    IF YOU HAVE ONE. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE OTHER!!! GOOD TRY! Stop spinning and generalizing everyone in neat little cliques.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Does Rev wright and Ayers acurately portray obama?

    Seriously get a life McCain is not responsible for the behavior of his suporters. so go sing GOD DAM* AMERICA NOW.

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  • C.J.
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    1 decade ago

    People are upset that a man who associates with criminals, terrorists and radicals is running for the highest office in the land. Obama is a liar and he does not deserve to be president of the US now or EVER!!

    I have signed a petition to impeach Obama, so can you.

    McCain/Palin 2008


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