Do buyers pay commission to real estate agents? ?

I normally hear about sellers paying the commission to the agent but do buyers have any requirement or obligation to pay the commission? Also, if the buyers agent and the sellers agent are different, how does the buyers agent get the commission?

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    Sellers pay the commission unless the buyer decides to privately hire an independent buyer's agent (an unusual arrangement for many reasons). The buyers and sellers agents split the commission (which is usually in the 5 - 7% range) right down the middle, and in most cases, that commission is then split with the real estate agencies, so the agents walk away with about 1.5% each and each agency gets the same (based on 6% commission).

  • Dan B
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    The seller pays the commission, but the cost is transferred to the buyer in the price of the house. It is hidden in the cost of the house.

    The two agents split the commission. The listing agent gets 2/3 and the buyer's agent gets 1/3, but it's negotiable.

    You normally don't pay your agent a commission.

    Source(s): My experience with purchasing homes.
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    Generally a buyer does not pay for the services of a buyer’s agent. The listing agent’s commission is split between the two agents and then each managing broker gets a split

    In other words, if you choose not to have a buyer’s agent, the listing agent gets handed the money that would have paid for your representation, but they didn’t have to do anything to help you. It is basically throwing money away.

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    Even though relators say their service is free to buyers, it is not!

    These days commission is anywhere from 3-7%. The buyers agent gets a % and the sellers agent gets a %.

    Lets say you buy a 250k home. The seller will pay approx 15k in realtors fees. So the sellers only gets 235k for their home and you pay a 250k loan. So you are paying for the fees.

    My last home I sold for sale buy owner. Just listed it on local free sites, etc. I was able to lower my price by 6% and got 3 offers in one week, in a deciling market. Just being priced 20k lower worked and selling myself was easy. The buyer still called a home inspector, and apprisor. The title company held he money and did the paper work. I saw no reason for a realtor. The other part that was nice was the family we sold to came over several times before close and got to meet the neighbors, talk about schools and teachers, it was a very pleasant transaction for all everyone.

    If you are looking for a home it is in your best interest to look on locals sites for for sale by owner, if selling at least try for sale by owner.

    Source(s): sold a home recently
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    The seller pays the fee. When there are two realtors involved, they split the fee but the seller still pays it.

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    if you get a buyer ag, this person works for you. you pay.

    if you get a seller ag, this person works for seller. you pay by a higher price on house.

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    No, it is the seller that pays.

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    oh yeah....they usually make 3-5% just like the sellers. How else would they be making $$ ?

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    very confusing subject. try searching with yahoo and bing. just that can help!

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