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do you need to have lincese plate and insurance for a 50cc motor scooter in the state of arkansas?

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    From with links to the AR OMV

    When determining where a moped or scooter falls under Arkansas law, it basically comes down to engine displacement.

    If a vehicle has an engine displacement of 250 cubic centimeters (cc) or greater, has a seat or saddle meant for riding, and is designed to travel with three or fewer vehicles on the ground, it's considered a motorcycle.

    If it has less than 250 cc, but fits the other criteria, it's considered a motor-driven cycle.

    If it has less than 50 cc, and has an automatic transmission, it's classified as a motorized bicycle.

    Motor-Driven Cycles

    For the most part, the registration and licensing procedures concerning a motor-driven cycle are the same as those for other vehicles.

    You can drive a motor-driven cycle if you are at least 14. If you're under 16, though, you'll need to have an MD driver's license. This is a restricted license. You may obtain one by passing the required vision, knowledge, and skills tests. If you've passed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Riders Course within 90 days of your MD license application, you don't need to take the skills test.

    Motorized Bicycles

    To operate a motorized bicycle, you'll need to be at least 10 years old and have a Motorized Bicycle Certificate. (You don't need to have this certificate if you already have a Class A, B, C, D, M, or MD license, or an Intermediate or Learner's permit.)

    To obtain this restricted certificate, you'll need to pass the vision, knowledge, and skills test. If you've passed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Riders Course within 90 days of your MD license application, you won't need to take the skills test.

    Special Rules

    Riders of any of these types of vehicles must obey the same traffic laws as other drivers. However, there are special rules to follow, too. Remember to always turn on your lights, even in the blazing sun of an Arkansas summer. Everyone riding on the bike must protect their eyes with goggles, protective glasses, or a transparent face shield. Additionally, if you're under 21, you'll be required to wear a helmet.

    You may carry one passenger on your bike, if there are footrests and handholds for the passenger. If you're under 16, though, you'll have to ride alone.

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    I would check out another few sites and get a few more quotes. Question the people you know who are only paying £50 year and see who their insurer is and what type of insurance they have (they may only have 3rd party). I'm afraid your age is against you when it comes to getting insurance. You may get a cheaper deal if you have a garage or back yard in which to secure the bike (I have this and it only means I cannot claim if the bike is stolen 500 years away from home), have some approved locks (if you ask the insurance company they can give you a list) or if you agree to a higher excess (basically that is the amount that you have to pay if you make a claim - the advantage of this is that insurance companies know you will not claim frivolously). Apart from that, there is little you can do. Once you have been riding for a while and built up some no claims bonuses the insurance will drop down. Sadly I am based in Northern Ireland and we have a limited number of insurance companies that operate here so I cannot give you advice on individual companies as you will have much bigger choice. Hope this helps.

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