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Windows error.. Blue screen?

Hello, everytime I start my computer it loads and then a blue screen flashes up for half a second, and I can't reinstall windows, what should I do?


I can't read the message, it's too fast.

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    Dear Bro,

    One of the worst problems faced by a computer user, is when a computer with Windows operating system installed on it has a system error and display an error message "Illegal operation" on a blue screen, and the computer has to be restarted to prevent damage to the computer. The computer then has to be restarted, and all the work that was being done is lost.

    Unlike startup errors which are indicated by a beeping sound , the blue screen of death (BSOD) can occur at any time when you are working on your computer, without any warning. For example, it can occur when you are moving data between 2 folders and the data will have just disappeared from your hard disk!

    The common causes for the blue screen of death and the solutions to fix it are as follows:

    1. Device driver problems - when new hardware is added to the computer, the device drivers may not be compatible. Try to get the latest updated version of the device driver from the manufacturer website. If it still does not work, remove or uninstall the new hardware and check if the problem continues.

    2. New software installed may also cause a problem, so uninstall any new software. Viruses and spy ware can also cause problems, so ensure that you have the latest version of antivirus software installed and check your computer regularly. How to remove all spyware, adware and run a free antivirus program(avira, avast, avg free edition)

    3.Hardware problems. Computer components like the CPU, fan, RAM start malfunctioning after some time, especially if you use your computer for more than 10 hours a day. Computers with AMD Athlon CPU's generate more heat compared to Intel CPU's and so this problem seems to be more common with these computers.

    4. A simple configuration change which I made, after which I never faced the problem of Blue Screen of Death.

    a) In most computers the RAM memory is shared between the system and graphics - for example , for 128MB , 96 MB is for the system and 32 MB is for graphics (default setting). Reduce the memory for graphics to the minimum - 8 MB

    b) Change the virtual memory settings

    My Computer ----> Properties ----->Advanced ------> Performance -------> Advanced ---------> Virtual Memory

    For paging file size, select custom file size , with initial size 500 MB and final size 1000 MB. Save the settings. You can increase the paging file size further according to the software programs you use.

    5. If nothing works, you can always reformat your computer hard disk and reinstall the operating system and software.

    Hope you will Find my answer Helpful

    Wish Ya Good Luck :-)

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    There are something written on that blue screen separated by "_" and staring with the word "STOP".

    Please reply with those information.

    Ok.Try pressing F8 while booting pc to bring the menu from where you can choose he mode to load the OS.If you succeed in bringing the desktop then from control panel>system>advanced>satrtup and recovery>settings>uncheck "automatically restart" under "system failure">ok>ok

    From start>run>type "msconfig" without quotes>ok>under startup item uncheck all>ok>restart.

    Now you can see the error details after booting normally on the blue screen.

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    Well, it sounds like your system is fried. You really have two options.

    1. Drop in your Windows CD and attempt a repair. This move is risky and probably will not work.

    2. Use Linux Knoppix to recover your data ( and then do a format and reinstall of Windows. This would ensure your system will work properly.

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    Does the screen just flash blue and then your computer boots normally, or does it freeze at the blue screen, or something else? What does the blue screen say?

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    Slave your hard drive to another computer, scan it with AV software and antispyware software, then back up all your data. Then reinstall your hard drive and run diagnostics on it to determine whether the drive is failing.

    Just had one doing the exact same thing. It turned out to be a virus infection.

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