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If I run for an hour on a tread mill every day will i lose weight?


I dont eat fast foods!

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    It really depends on your calorie intake. If you burn 200 calories on a treadmill every day, but then also eat an extra 300 calories, you'll slowly gain weight.

    I recommend using a calorie calculator (the one in my source is awesome because it is so informative).

    The best way to go is to figure out your maintenance level of calories. Then eat 250 calories less than that every day. Keep those calories sources healthy, not junk.

    Then use the treadmill to burn 250 calories a day.

    This will make a total of 500 calories as your deficit, which should be about a pound lost every week.

    Also note that you may have to ramp your calories down or up accordingly. Huge changes in caloric intake are not good for you. (My source explains why.)

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    Your question has many possible answers. With a properly balanced diet, you will see reduction in weight, though you may see some gained back in muscle weight. Running is a great way to tone your lower body and add muscle and endurance to your legs, though probably not the best way to reduce body fat. A well balanced work out plan that utilizes all parts of your body is best for body fat reduction. I hope this helps you

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    Well - thats good exercise - but weight loos is more of the food intake then it is the exercise.

    I am a huge fan of exercise (I slack off a lot) But I know it helps really tone up your body and get you fit and feeling good. But if you are really focused on the weight - Eat.

    In fact, a few different personal trainers at my gym told me that people are supposed to eat every 2 hours! I was amazed! but by actually eating HEALTHY foods every 2 hours helps raise your metabolism and therefore helps you loose weight!

    Also you should have one cheat day a week. She (my trainer) always says to stick to a diet 6 days a week and then have a cheat day 1 day a week - that doesn't mean to go crazy and knock yourself out by eating only chocolate and hoards of it - but go out to eat, eat that slice of cake - enjoy it! And then, then, get back to your normal days or not eating it.

    This really helps your body not get too adjusted to the same routine. Your metabolism will slow down if you are staying on the same calorie intake day after day. So you are supposed to change things up. Plus this gives us all something to look forward to!

    Anyway - good luck! Really - Just stick to it. Don't get discouraged in it!

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    Not if you have a large milkshake and a triple bacon cheeseburger on a tray in front of you while you run.

    The point is that weight loss is a pretty simple formula. Burn off more calories than you take in. (there is, of course, more to it than that, but this is, basically it.)

    Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of balancing exercise with the appropriate intake of food. It is way to easy to eat more, at one sitting than one can burn off with an hour of running.

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    Don't waste your time running on a treadmill. I was just at the gym yesterday and I saw this girl "running" on the treadmill. She had sped the belt up really fast, but instead of running, she was leaning on the front of the machine and moving her legs. She would stand up and run for about 5 seconds, then support herself on the rails. She went back and forth like this. That's unfortunately how a lot of people run on the treadmill. They use it as an arm exercise instead of actually running.

    The treadmill's moving belt also makes it easier to run on it. That means you do less work, use less calories, and see fewer results.

    You should be doing more than cardio, and more varied cardio than this anyway. Incorporate sprints intervals, biking, swimming, weight training, and yoga into your routine, and don't forget to eat properly.

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    As long as you don't eat 2 pizzas and a bucket of chicken everyday I don't see why not.

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    Any exercise is better than nothing...but you also have to cut down on calories.

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    I don't see why you wouldn't. It's very good exercise and as long as you have a low cal, low fat diet, you should do fine. Good luck.

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