can't remember the game, but it had little sail boats that you controlled by changing the current around and..?

they had to go thru little obstical courses.... do you remember the name? I played it MAYBE a year ago, I thought it was tradewinds, but it's not... can you help me please?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Im sorry. I looked everywhere! I can't find a game like that...

    I know this may not be it, but this is the closest thing I got to your description.

    The game is called "Buoy Ahoy".The current keeps changing, and you have to Control the sail boat according to the change of current through this obstacle of rocks and stuff. This is an online game, so im not sure if this is it.

    Sorry if this is not it and I hope you find it soon! =)

    EDIT: I gotta add, I love your new screen name. It's halarious! C*

  • 1 decade ago

    where in time is Carmen Sandiego.

    u do that in one of the levels.........

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