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why is new york city the largest city in the united states ?

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    Short answer: New York Harbor, the Erie Canal, Ellis Island, and the New York Stock Exchange. Long answer follows.

    Originally because of shipping. New York Harbor was a major port and building the erie canal added to that hugely.

    "In 1824 the first American drydock was completed on the East River. Because of its location and depth, the Port grew rapidly with the introduction of steamships; and then with the completion in 1825 of the Erie Canal New York became the most important transhipping port between the American interior and Europe as well as coastwise destinations."

    New York also became the main entry point for European immigrants, and a large number of them stayed in New York.

    "The main immigrant port of entry at Ellis Island had 12 million arrivals from 1892 to 1954"

    The reason it continued to grow was it's importance has a financial capital, partly due to New York Harbor, but largely due to the New York Stock Exchange.

    "The origin of the NYSE can be traced to May 17, 1792, when the Buttonwood Agreement was signed by 24 stock brokers outside of 68 Wall Street in New York under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street which earlier was the site of a stockade fence. On March 8, 1817, the organization drafted a constitution and renamed itself the 'New York Stock & Exchange Board'. (This name was shortened to its current form in 1863.) Anthony Stockholm was elected the Exchange's first president. (For other presidents, see List of presidents of the New York Stock Exchang"

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    It relies upon on what you're measuring. in the technique of inhabitants, sure with about 8.2 million those that better than 3/4 of the inhabitants of Pennsylvania the biggest city landwise is l. a.. inhabitants information a million massive apple 2 l. a. 3 Chicago 4 Philadelphia

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    It is the largest by population, with 8.2 million people. Los Angeles comes in second with about 3 million, while Chicago is the third-largest with about 1.8 million.

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    Not sure what you're asking.

    It's a major financial and cultural center, so that made (and continue to make) it an important city, so lots of people live there.

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    In population not size!

    a lot people love new york for its bright lights and musicals!

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    I believe they go by size and population. and it is BIG

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