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Naming my 5 week old Black Fluffy Kitten?

She is so delicate and precious, but very persistent in exploring. Help me find a unique name that describes her. Thanks!


Oreo isn't unique enough, plus she doesn't have a spec of white on her.

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    I prefer unique names too...but nothing in particular is coming to mind.

    One thing I like to do is surf "kitty porn" ( Part of what makes them so cute is the names they come up with for them. You could check this site and others like it for ideas.

    I personally find it hysterical to give a cat a human name, like Mrs. Jones or something. You could call her Missy for short. Or give it a middle name, like Roberta Rose. Eh, that one wasn't that cute. But you get the idea.

    I don't like cutesy names like Fluffy, and I don't like naming cats based on their appearance. I mean, you don't have to name a black cat Poppy or Lilith or Elvira. My black cat Poppy came with her name and we kept it because when we were cat shopping she "popped."

    But if you do want to name her something related to her color, someone gave me this link and it does have some cool names in it:

    I just looked it over and I kind of like Abra (shortened from Abracadabra).

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    How about 11:30?

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    How about Mercades (like the car). delicate and precious yet persistant and exploring.

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    Adina ... "Noble, gentle, delicate."

    Ariana.. "Precious Silver" - I know she's black... but the name is beautifull and unique for a cat

    Dalila... "delicate, gentle"

    Dalia... "gentle"

    Rami (or Ramy)... "loving"

    Solitaire... "Precious Gem"

    Vevina ... Irish for "Sweet Lady"

    Sophie and Sasha were always faves of mine as well! I had a cat named Rudy.

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    How about these:

    Curious, Sparx, Eclipse, Mystic and Bonnie?

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    Bella..or Coco...maybe Tinkerbell or Midnight or Angel...

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    Midnight or Persey

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    what bout fluffy?

    i agree with the people who said mercedese and midnight.

    Kit is also good( like Kit in nightrider,).

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    i have a kitten who sounds just like your description and i called it


    It really matches her because she is really cute and adventurous and is a very friendly kitten. Bella really suits her.. maybe it suits your too?

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