★write sentence with the words in parentheses( ).Sentence 1-7 are present.★

1.(the office/clean/every day)________________________________

2.(these rooms /clean/every day?)_____________________________

3.(glass/make/from sand/)Glass_______________________________

4.(stamps/sell/in a post office)________________________________

5.(this word/not/use/very often)______________________________

6.(we/allow/to park here?)___________________________________

7.(how/this word/pronounce?)_______________________________

★Sentence 8-14 are past★

8.(the office/clean/yesterday)________________________________

9.(the house/paint/last month)________________________________

10.(three people/injure/in the accident)_________________________

11.(mybicycle/steal/a few days ago)___________________________

12.(when/this bridge/build?)_________________________________

13.(you/invite/to the party last week?)_________________________

14.(I/not/wake up/by the noise)_______________________________

★Correct these sentences.★

1.This house built 100 years ago._____________________________

2.Soccer plays in most countries of the word.____________________

3.Why did the letter send to the wrong address.__________________

4.A garage is a place where cars repair.________________________

5.Where are you born?_____________________________________

6.How many languages are speaking in Canada?_________________

7.Somebody broke into our house,but nothing stolen._____________

8.When was invented the bicycle?____________________________

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    1.The office has be clean every day

    2.Has these rooms be clean every day?

    3.Glass is make from sand

    4.Stamps are selling in a post office

    5.This word isn’t used very often

    6.Have we allowed to park here?

    7.How does this word pronounce?

    8.The office was cleand yesterday

    9.The house was painted last month

    10.Three people were injured in the accident

    11.My bicycle has been stolen a few days ago

    12.When did the bridge build?

    13.Were you invited to the party last week?

    14.I wasn’t wake up by the noise

    15.This house was build 100 years ago

    16.Soccer plays in most countries of the world


    18.A garage is a place where cars park

    19.Where were you born?

    20.How many languages were spoke in Canada?

    21.Somebody broke into our house,but nothing be stolen

    22.When was the bicycle invented?

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    17應改為Why did the letter send to the wrong address?

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    1) The office has to be cleaned everyday.

    2) Are these rooms clean everyday?

    3) Glass is made from sand.

    4) Stamps are sold in a post office.

    5) This word is not used very often.

    6) Are we allow to park here?

    7) How is this word pronounce?

    8) The office was cleaned yesterday.

    9) The house was painted last month.

    10) Three people were injured in the accident.

    11) My bicycle was stolen a few days ago.

    12) When was this bridge build?

    13) Were you invited to the party last week?

    14) I was not waken up by the noise.

    15) This house was built 100 years ago.

    16) Soccer is played in most countries of the world.

    17) Why was the letter send to the wrong address?

    18) A garage is a place where cars are repaired.

    19) Where were you born?

    20) How many languages are spoken in Canada?

    21) Somebody broke into our house, but nothing was stolen.

    22) When was bicycle invented?

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