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On June 21, 2006, Curtis Construction, a general contractor for the Priest Lake Ranger Station in Washington State, telephoned Sol Solar Solutions, an alternative energy subcontractor, to inquire if Sol would be interested in submitting a sub-contractor bid on the project. Curtis told Sol that he needed the bid the following day. The next day, Sol submitted a bid to Curtis. Given that Sol only had one day to put a bid together, many details were left unaddressed. For instance, the cost of the sub-contract was given as “$53,750 subject to any changes in costs of components, labor, etc.” Similarly, sub-components to be used in the sub-bid were identified by manufacturer but no specifications were included, as is customary for sub-contractors. Similarly, labor costs were calculated “subject to adjustment at time of commencement of construction.”On June 24, 2006, Sol telephoned Curtis to confirm receipt of the sub-bid. The general contracts were due on June 23, 2006 and on that date it was announced that Curtis was the low bidder and Curtis was given the job.

On June 25, 2006, Curtis contacted Sol and told Sol that Curtis had been awarded the general contract. Sol was very pleased at the news. Sol asked Curtis if he had used Sol’s sub-bid in the general contract, and Curtis responded that Sol’s bid was the best he had received from among three alternative energy subcontractors. Curtis asked Sol to produce a cost breakdown of the sub-bid. Curtis also asked Sol to forward manufacturer’s specifications for sub-assemblies and equipment Sol identified in his sub-bid. A few days later, Sol provided the materials requested by Curtis.


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    6月21日, 2006年,柯蒂斯建設,總承包商的牧師遊俠湖車站在華盛頓州,打電話溶膠太陽能解決方案,替代能源分包商,以詢問如果溶膠將有興趣在提交的分判承建商競投該項目。柯蒂斯告訴溶膠,他需要申辦第二天。第二天,溶膠提交了一份以柯蒂斯。鑑於溶膠只有一天的時間來把申辦在一起,許多細節得不到解決。舉例來說,費用的分包合同作為“五三七五〇美元受到任何費用變化的組成部分,勞動力等”同樣,分部件,用於分投標確定了製造商,但沒有規格列入,這是習慣的分判承建商。同樣,勞動力成本的計算“主題,以調整時開始施工。 ” 6月24日, 2006年,柯蒂斯溶膠打電話,以確認收到的分出價。一般合同是由於6月23日, 2006年和在那一天宣布,柯蒂斯是低投標和柯蒂斯被賦予的工作。

    6月25日, 2006年,柯蒂斯聯繫,並告訴溶膠溶膠的柯蒂斯被授予一般合同。溶膠感到非常高興的消息。柯蒂斯溶膠問他是否使用了溶膠的分包投標中的一般合同,並答复說,柯蒂斯溶膠的出價是最好的他收到了來自三個替代能源的分包商。柯蒂斯問溶膠生產成本細目分出價。柯蒂斯還要求對溶膠前瞻性製造商的規格為組件和設備溶膠在他的分出價。幾天後,溶膠提供的材料所要求的柯蒂斯。

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