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這幾天的新聞媒體報導及網路資訊,關於AIG.集團及南山人壽的訊息,對您所造成的不安及困擾,在此深表歉意!近日有部分客戶擔憂這起事件的發展會引響在南山保單的權益,紛紛來電了解,經說明後都能以釋懷. 雖然大多數的客戶並未來電,但負責任的我們仍然認為有必要向大家做個說明.





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    Dear Friends,

    We are very sorry for your discomfort and inconvenience that caused by the information reported by the media and the internet about AIG group and Nan-San in these days.

    Recently, some of our customers worry about the event may affect the validity of their insurance policies and made the phone calls to us. All of them feel comfortable after our explanation. Although most of our customers did not call us. However, we are responsible and think that it's necessary to give a formal explanation to our clients even they do not ask for it.

    The following is our status update and the possible disposal for your reference:

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    Dear Friend,

    It's been some days since news regarding A.I.G. and Nan-San were reported to be seen everywhere in the media and internet; we sincerely regret for any inconvenience may caused.

    Many of our customers did call in to express their concerns about the consequence further to be and the validity of their policies; however, after explaining over the phone, we do think customers are less worry toward the situation.

    It is then our responsibility we feel an officially letter to our customers is necessary even most of our clients never ask for it.

    Please note the following statement;

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