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Pop Quiz Time. Who starred in both the movie and tv show Le Femme Nikita?

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    Pita Wilson?

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    There is actually a plan to finish "Lost" with a movie. I think this is an interesting strategy because it forces viewers to commit to the show. After all who would go and see a film unless they knew what it was going to be about? It's a definite case of cashing in instead of selling out. The risk is that if the show jumps the shark, people won't bother seeing the movie. There are going to be six seasons of lost and at £50 a box set the movie ticket is going to cost anyone who didn't watch it on TV a whopping £300 plus the cost of the cinema ticket to REALLY know what's going on, so the audience may be limited. Having said that there are often catch-up shows, and I expect the movie will start with a recap because that's the nature of Lost, flashbacks are a persistent theme. I hope we're not all disappointed. I remember when X-files "ended" with a movie, except you still didn't get a definitive answer, the truth wasn't out there. That was very frustrating. As far as a TV show that would make a good movie is concerned, I'd pick Police Camera Action. I love watching all those car chases from the helicopter and all the crazy stuff perople get up to, add a story line and a foxy WPC or two and you might have a blockbuster!

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    Tcheky Karo? Mispelled i'm sure.

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    le femme what???Rekaajrfdjfkajf kdajsfkawe4ruqv349052

    Source(s): 93 u fuckin miley cyrus ho
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    brigitte fonda

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