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Had a bad trip on magic mushrooms. Will I be okay?

About a year ago, I had a bad trip on magic mushrooms. I don't even remember a lot of it. Just that for a brief moment, I thought I had gone insane. My friend was there to calm me down, but it was a brief moment of horror nonetheless. Up until recently, I had been just fine. Then I started to hear these other horror stories of people becoming depressed and having flashbacks. I've been fearing for my sanity ever since, but only because the idea that I've done mushrooms before is in my mind. If I have been fine for a year, does that mean that this is all in my head?


This was the first and last time I will ever do a psychedelic drug.

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    HEY! You need to calm yourself down. You're doing good =)

    My panic attacks started when I first smoked weed. You will NEVER, EVER go crazy or "slip" because you think you're going insane. Nobody has ever gone crazy from panic attacks or because of a drug they did a year ago. People who do go insane have had the mental disease from birth. (With the exception of head trauma, being locked in a small place for years... etc.)

    That is just your mind telling you weird things to scare you and everything is going to be fine. I never went insane despite all of the fears I had of it. Just seek some counselling (I know the idea sucks but it really is worth it) If I can do it... anyone can =)

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    i had a bad trip on shroomz about a year ago to and havent done em since them but after that i started having random seizures and black outs. i still do actually lol. psychedelic drugs(acid,mushrooms,etc.) can trigger things like depression, schizophrnia, etc.

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    you will be ok! flashbacks usually occur with the constant use of acid base trips even long/short term amphetamine users can have these but i assume you just try this the first time

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    You should be fine physically. Mentally, you decide when you're fine. It sounds stupid, but it's true. If you let yourself lose your mind, it's going to happen. Do a hobby that will keep your mind occupied to stay in control.

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    flashbacks happen if you have been slamming drugs for years. if you have only done it a few times dont worry about it

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    It means that Satan is condemning you. Ask for forgiveness and you shall be fine. Spiritual warfare is a true thing and the battlefield for him is in all of our heads. I hope that makes sense to you. God bless.

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