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Why do I get bugged!?

I am mostly seen alone, and am very independent... I get called things like a "loner"... So what? Why do people hate people who prefer not to be with people?

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    I was the same way, however I never scared anyone. It is all how you act, for example when someone sees you do they see a smile...or do you look depressed, or much like I do these days I look away for I wish not to recognize them.

    I am going to think you are the latter, you honestly do not care to reach out and build some type of bridge to have people approach you. This can seem scary to some yes, however it could also be seen as insulting. A perception that they feel you think you are better than them.

    And a new question can rise above this, you say people hate you...I do not think they hate you. I believe it is you who hates them, it is why you do not associate with them, they either are afraid or insulted...only you said hate.

    Does that strike you close to home? Or am I playing to far out in the field. Unlike you, I smiled every time someone looked at me. So now that you begun to raise the question, I give you a question towards yourself. And I wish to remind you, that your on the first step to understanding how your body language effects the actions of others.

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    There are various reasons---depending on the individual. People are cowardly mostly and will pick on someone who has no friends. What I suggest is to get involved in a prayer/Bible study fellowship type of group. Since you are young, get involved in a spirit-led church with the youth. You do need the support and there are too many Atheists here that are trying to discourage us. God bless you.

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    Lack of confidence. They know they cannot be that type of person, so they resent anyone that can. By not listening to them, you are being the bigger and better person and maintaining your respect the entire town. Independent people turn out to be the most successful. And hey- if you aren't actually lonely and you like being with yourself, then why get annoyed by pure false material? Best of luck.

  • Dear- I'm the same exact way, it psycologicly scares people that you are different though..For example, I am a very quiet person- People don't understand why- so they are afraid of what I'm silently thinking.. It stifles them to see you alone, you see- Ignorance= fear, yes?

    They see the abnormal situation that you are in, and they feel like they must comment upon it, for they are rendered uncomfortable to see such a site.

    You are above them, so don't let it bother you! They must be afraid of it..

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    people are weird, i think many have this belief that people who are alone must be weird because no one else wants to be around them or they have no friends. MOST people fear being alone because they don't want to seem like an outcast, i also think on some level people like people who have more friends for networking reasons. thats how many people meet their significant other or make close new friends. the majority never consider that some people like their space, most assume if you are alone it's not by choice.

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    people hate anyone who is different.

    just be friendly back, they will eventually feel embarassed for the way they acted.

    also, this might sound dumb, but it makes you more approaachable, and less "loner-ish" : SMILE! :) :D

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    i call myself the lone wolf, although i'm just a shy person,


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