DOT Motorcycle Helmet?

Somebody told me I need to get a DOT Motorcycle Helmet, and I’m wondering what that is and what it means?

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    As others have correctly mentioned, a DOT motorcycle helmet is one that has passed the safety tests of the Department of Transportation.

    Here's a site that goes into some depth as to what this actually means:

    Regarding the claims that motorcycle helmets are ineffective or, worse, actually *increase* your chances of injury such as a broken neck: I can tell you as a trained scientist that the only true way to test such claims is by looking at the data. And the data in this case supports one overwhelming conclusion: wearing a DOT Motorcycle Helmet dramatically increases your chances of walking away from an accident when compared with an uncertified helmet or no helmet at all.

    So do yourself a favor and protect your noggin!

    One other thing: the people claiming you need to spend an arm and a leg on a helmet, while well intentioned, are just plain wrong. Proper fit (size and shape) is far more important than money and brand. If you're holding an $800 helmet and a $150 helmet and both of them have DOT stickers, guess what: they've both passed the same tests!

    That extra $650 doesn't buy you anything but bells and whistles and a trendy name. So if that's what you're looking for, then go for it, but don't let people (especially sales people) frighten you into thinking that you need to spend extra money to be "extra safe". I spent less than $150 on my DOT Motorcycle Helmet and I wear it with confidence every time!

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    DOT= Department of Transportation. It means that the helmet will have a decal or sticker on the back which means that that helmet type has been tested and will help protect your head in the event of an accident.

    Ride safe, live free.

    Source(s): Own 2 DOT helmets, 1 SNELL
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    It means that it is certified to be constructed to a certain standard. Any decent helmet passes these standards and then some. Stick with Shoei, Arai or Nolan and you won't have a problem.... NEVER go cheap with a helmet, it`s the most important piece of protection you will ever own.

    haapa_em... Helmets don't save lives.... mate your a fu#kin id!ot. I personally have had 2 accidents involving being hit by a car and on both occassions my helmet has been cracked on impact... If i didn't have them on it would have been my skull... please don't wear one, help us clean the gene pool

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    DOT helmets are the ones the department of transportation has approved for riders, they have the required padding and yada yada yada

    Pretty much they(the man) doesn't want you riding around in a scull cap, I had one and they even offer to sell you a DOT sticker for like $10.

    Now if you get pulled over of improper helmet, go to court and you will get off, ask the plaintiff or judge or whoever for a list of DOT approved helmets, there isn't one, and you will get off.

    Source(s): I dont care what anyone says, helmets dont save lives, Ive personally known people that their helmets flown off during crash and survived, and people going 10mph and full helmet snapping neck. Its all circumstancial. Do what you feel is good for you, not whats "cool"
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    Just ask yourself how much is your head worth? You really don't need to spend $1000, I spent $185 on an HJC helmet, more important than cost is, is it approved, does it fit and is it comfortable.

    Source(s): Did a lot of research before buying my helmet + personal knowledge
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    $10 helmets,

    fit $10 heads

    buy the best you can afford..

    good helmets in Australia run around the $800.> $1000

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    it means the helmet was certified by the Department Of Transportation

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