How many Nintendo ds games would fit on a 2GB memory stick?

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I've seen an ad selling: "Nintendo Ds R4 Card with 2GB mem Stick and 500 games which includes: R4 TF Micro SD Adapter; USB MicroSD card reader/writer; Protect case; Manual CD; all for more
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Ok, TOO EXPENSIVE should of buy it from dealextreme. and only about 30 will fit. I have my own trust me. Get supercard ds one or dstt because r4 sucks now. Super card supports real time save so you can save any time you want
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  • Thorig answered 6 years ago
    Well, it wouldn't fit, there are only a select few DS roms that take up less than 5 MBs (on average more like 10-12), and you would need them all to take up only 4 for this to work. Also, there are only 600 DS games cyrrently released, I find it hard to imagine that this seller would manage to obtain roms of them all. Plus, I would think this would be illegal, although I'm not quite sure I understand what it is that he's selling. But in anwer to your qyestion, 500 DS games take up more than 2 GBs.
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  • iPawd answered 6 years ago
    Lol only like 20-35 can fit on a 2gb depending on the size of the game
    EDIT: btw this is a BAD deal, because you can get a cyclo which is way better than an r4 for only like 50 or 60 something dollars. (plus memory stick)
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  • I hATE wORDS... answered 6 years ago
    The other items included are a very good deal but the part that "500 games" would fit... Wow... that's such a big lie... ^_^

    If i were you... I'll buy it ofcourse with a little discount... ^_^
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  • h3llmommy answered 6 years ago
    IT IS A GOOD DEAL, and no 500 games cannot fit. Unless all the games were 4 mb, than yes. But regular games are usually 60 -80 mb. Someimtes 100 but thats really rare and those are just like games like Zelda Phantom Hourglass. But yes it is a good deal. You do not need a 2 GB sd card unless you are planning on having like 40 games on your sd card and playing them all the time. It is very easy to add games and delete games so u would only need like maybe 20 or 10 on at a time. This is a link for ds roms.
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