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Human Population Growth?

How can we decrease the population to save resources???? science paper to write.

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    Well, population growth rates are dictated directly by a) birth rates and b) death rates. The difference determines growth rate. Without discussing the obvious ethical issues....

    You can control birth rates by:



    termination of pregnancies

    You can control death rates by:

    killing the elderly

    denying medical care to the sick

    not feeding everyone

    Or you can do nothing and let the population reach its carry capacity (limits) and just let everyone starve and bask in our own wastes.

    When will that be? Well according to Malthus, it should have been over 50 years ago. We're extending our carrying capacity with technology, but how long will it last?

    Can't really win can we?

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    in theory... I'm not just saying this because I feel it is right, but just because my english teacher gave us a "what if?" question. Also I'm not sure if this is a hypothetical solution or an actual solution you are asking for..

    but if it were hypothetical:

    once anybody reaches a certain age, you would be killed.

    though if it were a realistic question.. I don't think it is plausible because decreases in population mostly occur naturally such as the plague.. or some kind of disease; besides us killing each other

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    Doesn't really work that way. The ultimate resource is the human mind itself - innovation.

    The market rewards and invests in those who find ways to do more with less.

    This is why human living conditions are far better than they ever have been, even though the human population is greater than it ever has been.

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    Watch this video, At 4:20 Prof. here will tell you exactly what can be done to lower the population (all solutions are 'bad'). This pretty much sums up the whole population issue in a min.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): That video is from a lecture a college professor gave is not sensationalist propaganda.
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    Slow down reproduction first of all = ) maybe by

    *make contraceptive use larger

    *offer cheaper 'fixing' surgeries

    *invent newer types of contr. for men and women

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    Weel not through war, for some reason that seems to use alot of resources..... freakin gas.... piss me off......

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    Nuclear power.

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