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Should one suffer to achieve a greater happiness?

In my case, I am a highschool student constantly trying to get 3.5 gpa or above(straight A's specifically).

I DO get good grades, but is it really neccessary for me to stress over school and trying to get into a good university, in order for me to achieve a high paying career?

Do I really need to suffer while stressing over education and the world of academia?

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    In the end it really doesn't matter. At all. AT ALL. Do what you want to do. Do what makes yOU happy. Clearly, you understand that money is almost always a necessity to some degree to achieving happiness.

    There are two kinds of jobs (or careers) that ppl get.

    - One kind is the job that is great, exciting, challenging and fulfilling in itself. Money is really just a bonus and not a big factor. Basically as long as the bills get payed it doesn't matter how much these ppl get payed. They achieve alot of happiness in their work. Personal life may or may not be a big part of their life.

    -The second kind is the job where the person is really displeased with it. It is limiting, not challenging, soul draining and depressing. But, it pays the bills and sometimes more. For these ppl, the job is not taht important. What is important is what the money they receive from the job allows them to do. Their personal life is where they draw their happiness. The strongest example of this is family. Being able to provide for a family and watching his kids grow up doesn't compare to almost any bad job.

    Whatever you do, there is an opportunity cost connected to it. Because you are getting good grades and working really hard at acedemia, you will likely have the opportunity to do whatever job you want. This will increase the likelyhood that you'll find something that you can really enjoy and will not be depressed about going to work everyday. The opportunity cost to this is that you will have less time to devellop your personal life which may make it harder to find your 'soulmate'.

    Either extreme is not optimal for maximum happiness. Balance is always key.

    GL with your life. Don't forget to smell the roses!

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    If having a having a high-paying career or getting into a good university isn't important to you, then don't stress out over things that aren't relevant to you.

    I think it would be good just to keep up your grades so you can keep your options open and change your mind and maybe getting into a top university or making a good salary does become important to you.

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    No if your suffering whats the point of it.. you talk about a high paying career how bout working for yourself.. everyone looks to get a job, why not create a job and be your own boss.. do something you like and be passionate about it and the money will follow and youll be happier too..

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    1 decade ago should always have ambition, but if you don't there's nothing you can do. in the long run it doesn't really matter.

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