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What does licorice taste like?


And is it good or nasty?

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    It is very good, but you will have unusual "lipstick" for about a half hour. You can get the red or black "twisty" vines anywhere. Buy both. Try the black first. Then try red. Red is OK, but black will have you hooked. Now go to a mirror and look at yourself. Wipe that black and red junk off your face.

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    Some love it, some hate it. It is rather sweet, and the most common type is black licorice so I'll explain that. It is almost like an unsweetened mix between a grape and blackberry.

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    I'm from Holland and licorice is the national sweet. Between the 16 million Dutchmen they consume for US$ 225 million per year.

    Dutch people that don't like licorice will be deported. That's how the US were founded (Peter Stuyvesant).

    By the way, there are 100's of kinds of licorice (see

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    the red kind that people refer to is NOT licorice. It's red vines, or whips. The BLACK ones are licorice, and it is anise flavored. Have you ever had anise flavored cookies? It's like that. It seems you either love it or hate it... Well, that's not exactly true,... I LIKE it, but don't love, or hate it. Oh! It also tastes like the inside of good n' plenty candy. Have you had that???

    TRY IT! Then you'll know if YOU think it's good or nasty. Report back to us, eh?

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    I do like liquorice and find it difficult to explain what it tastes like. As you know the taste then you probably realize how difficult it is to explain. All people have their own likes and dislikes I like some Dutch liquorice from time to time and that is even less popular because of the salt content Chetak

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    I've hated it since I was a kid. It tastes like, just what you said. I believe the flavors are derived from the same thing. The flavor is Anise, I believe. Try Sambuca Romana & it has that flavor as well. Just awful.

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    Like Jaegermister

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    i love licorice! both kinds. i don't know if the taste can really be described, you should try it for yourself.


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    it really doesn't have a taste that's like saying what does water taste like but licorice is a little sweeter than water

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    I like red licorice - I despise black licorice. It's nasty.

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