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How soon did you need new clothes during pregnancy?

I'm just wondering. I'm in my third pregnancy right now, and I'm about eight weeks along. I know I'm not "showing" just yet, but I do feel pretty bloated already and my clothes are just not fitting as well. The same happened when I was pregnant with my daughter (she was my second pregnancy). The doctor told me it's time for a run to the store for new clothes! lol

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    i was about 14 weeks, but really... wear what makes your comfy whenever the time may come! Some people i know claimed to "never" wear maternity clothes, like it was an acheivement. i say- "who cares, bring on the elastic waists!"

    best of luck to you! and get yourself in some comfy clothes! you deserve it!

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    I'm only 7 weeks into my first pregnancy and I'm already thinking about new clothes. My boobs have gotten HUGE and non of my old tops fit right (without showing super cleavage). Also, while I've gained only 1 whole pound, my lower body bloating is making most of my pregnancy pants uncomfortable. If I can get through the next 2 weeks ok, I'll buy a few maternity pieces next pay day.

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    I needed new clothes almost instantly and not because of my waste. My chest grew a full size and my tops and dresses either didn't fit or made me have too much cleavage. And then my waste started feeling bloated and now at 14 weeks I am pooching out. But I am still waiting, I don't go out much and so I still have a few outfits. I hate spending money on clothes.

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    I am ten weeks into my first pregnancy and I already bought new clothes! he he! Muuuch better!

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    after your first pregnancy, since your body has been stretched so much, you'll start to show alot more sooner, so it's really not unusual for this to be happening!

    good luck!

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    not until about 5 months..

  • i was about 4 and a half month when i had to buy elastic waist pants

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