My 2 friends and I want to go as something together. We don't want to be slutty but we want it to be original.?

We would like to either make the Halloween Costumes at home or buy it for really cheap. We want to stand out and not look like the other teenage girls. So if you have an idea please let me know!

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    Since there are 3 of you my first thought is that you might want to be

    Charlie's Angels.

    You could go as either the 2000/2003 version

    Cameron Diaz ... Natalie Cook

    Drew Barrymore ... Dylan Sanders

    Lucy Liu ... Alex Munday

    Bernie Mac ... Jimmy Bosley

    Or the original 1970s version

    Sabrina Duncan - Kate Jackson the smart one

    Jill Munroe - Farrah Fawcett-Majors the street wise one

    Kelly Garrett - Jaclyn Smith the athletic one has suggestions on how to do a costume... amongst some other strange stuff....

    Or you could just all 3 get Charlie's Angel's T-shirts, do your hair like the TV Angels, and carry water pistols.

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    First of all..everyone who gave pair costumes wont work because 2+1=3!!

    How about....a zoo?

    pancakes +plate+ syrup

    hotdog katchup mustard


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    If you're really into Batman, go as the Joker and Two-Face(: I love that costume idea. Get creative with the facepaint! That's what my sister and her friend are doing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Juno and Bleeker.

    Or pick your 2 fave Spice Girls.

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    Romy & Michelle. Lisa Kudrow movie...

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    Go out disguised as human beings.

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    Bill and hillary cliton

    spongebob and patrick

    fork and spoon

    ompaloopa from willy wanka

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    go as a breakfast meal!

    if there are three of you

    one can be a fork

    one can be bacon

    && one can be eggs


    i did bacon && eggs with my bf last year

    and it was a hit because we made them ourselves.

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