Do some Wrestling fans like to Jump on the Band Waggon *more inside*?

Just had this thought, so i thought i'd ask. Yeh, so do you think some Wrestling fans like to Jump on the Band Waggon. Like basing their opinion on someone elses opinion, just to be part of the group or something. I mean they start liking certain Wrestlers because others do. Two that are in mind are John Morrison and The Brian Kendrick. People said Morrison was talented and was great, other people saw and decided to think the same. People were a fan of Kendrick back in his tag days, said he was awesome and did the same with him. Some not all, i'd like to emphasize that, started liking them because they saw other people's opinions on them.

Two more, are Cena hating and the Attitude Era; Cena Hating, they saw some hating on Cena for Legitmate reasons and they decided to do the same. Most these days have dumb reasons for it. The Attitude Era, some didn't even watch it, heared about The Rock and Stone Cold and how good it was, thought wow sounds awesome i want it back. I could carry on but i think you get my point.

So, do you think *some* Wrestling fans like to Jump on the Band Waggon? Your thoughts on this. Feel free to disagree.



I was dreading people wouldn't get my point but you people really did, thankyou.

Update 2:

actually JMP stands for 'Jeffs mission Possible' it wouldn't fit on my name properly so i decided to abbrieviate it.

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    Yes. Of course I feel SOME fans love to jump on the bandwagon, just as many football or baseball, or basketball fans do the same thing. The reason why many newer fans hate on Cena, but don't seem to know WHY they're doing it is because they DON'T know why, exactly, they're doing it. They're mostly just going w/the flow, and agreeing w/everyone else. Same with everyone's love for the Attitude Era. I know darn well that alot of peep's on here are too young to properly remember the Attitude Era. They're going by what they've heard, what they've read, and what they've seen in highlight clips. That's all. As far as Morrison and Kendrick, I feel they both have some legitimate talent, and they're both younger guys, so MOST fans probably have legitimate feelings about those 2 guys.

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    Wow thank you you have everything I think in my opinion down in one question. And the same thing bothers me, a lot of people like to jump on the band wagon. Especially the facts about the Cena hating and the Atitude Era. Your right, a lot of people actually like John Cena and see other people who can't forget the past and move on (John Cena is a new wrestler now, forget about what he did a year ago) and say, "Yeah I hate Cena he sucks." when that one person is a huge John Cena fan, they just don't want to be hated on by a bunch of losers who will thumb them down.

    Now on to the Attitude Era. Many people are young, and didn't watch wrestling at the time of the Attitude Era or were too young or wasn't even born yet, and see what other people have said about the Rock and Stone Cold and other huge superstars and say, "Yeah those guys were awesome I miss the Attitude Era it dominated."

    I totally agree and your getting a star.

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    I like the question and the answer is of course they do, though this doesn't just apply to wrestling. In every area and aspect of life there will be strong willed people who make their own decisions, and those who are easily persuaded by what others say. John Morrison is a great exanple as you stated. I am a huge fan of Morrison and have been since his days in Tough Enough, and I think he is a pretty decent heel. Some people who just want to fit in try and hop on the bandwagon just so they can avoid a flaming war, lol. About the attitude era, I for one wasn't old enough to fully understand the importance that it had and why people liked it, though I;m a huge Stone Cold mark. But after hitting a certain age I went back with a better understanding of the sport and watched every classic I could find; from old school episodes of Raw to Wrestlemania X-7. But some people don't and assume that it was great because it is history. SO to sum it all up and answer your question, yes I do believe that millions of people hop on the proverbial bandwagon and try and hide it.

    Source(s): Great Question, I should really answer more of yours. PS, I like how you secretly hid the fact that Cena sucks by saying "for Legitimate reasons," lol.
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    Well, yeah.

    I've answered questions before mentioning how many people hop on the bandwagon when it comes to wrestlers, namely the ones that fans believe are "underrated" and "the future", whatever that means. But the main thing that has bandwagoners is the John Cena and Batista hate. When those two place in the effort in their matches or promos, it's obvious to see why they are main-eventers, even if people tend to hate them. Even against my personal opinion, even HHH can be like that as well.

    And yes, the fascination with the Attitude Era has always been a thing I questioned. Yes, I sat through weeks on end of WWF shows until I couldn't anymore, yet I still don't understand the fascination with the time by people of today. The matches were not that special for the most part, and more people remember it for anything but actual matches.


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  • Everybody does that to get involved, and make friends. Even the TC probably joined Bandwagon back when the first started to watch wrestling. I even use to join their group when I first noticed Y!A.

    I use to be in the rant groups about:

    "Cena Sucks"

    "Batista sucks"


    "We need the Attitude Era back"

    Atleast I'm not afraid to admit it.Now I just got tired, and when you come to think of it Cena and Batista care about the wrestling business like we all do. They try their best to entertain you at home. The Attitude era is dead! It's time to move on, and who knows down the road they'll probably be another era alot better then the attitude.

    Even wrestling fans that watched back in the 70's or 80's probably been in that group of bandwagons. Later they got tired of it. These that jump the bandwagons in my opinion are either just becoming wrestling fans, have their own opinions, or just want to be part of it.

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    I believe so to, I mean for the last 3 years it's been more Entertainment Wrestling instead of Actual Wrestling if you get what im talking about. Since the Attitude Era, Entertainment Wrestling has increased slightly in time but brands like ROH, NOAH still have Actual Wrestling opposed to Entertainment. So Currently I think were more Entertainment Wrestling Fans

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    yes that's true

    many don't know what they're talking about so they just copy the person's answers

    but others say the same things because they might actually agree with what both people are saying

    there are many cena haters because many people actually hate cena

    others say the same things about the attitude era because that was the best era in wrestling

    there are many people that share the same likes and dislikes

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    Yeah, a lot of people jump on Bandwagons all the time. I've been a fan of Kendrick for years (back in his crazy Spanky days) and he was great then as he is now, but I can't listen to any of his "fans" now because he is now the greatest thing since sliced bread (no pun intended) because he had a main event match. So...ya. People jump on the bandwagon all the time.

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    I agree. Sometimes people tend to want to be noticed for who they like or dislike in the ring without having a really rational reason for why they don't like them.

    I've stated on many occasions that I respect any performer who puts their body on the line for our entertainment. And, just like anyone else, I have dislikes and likes that are usually based on the characters and their given role in a storyline. That's what I boo and cheer for. I think the character that I hate the most is John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Alternatively, that's exactly what makes him a great character. As a great wrestler, he gives me the capacity to absolutely loathe him.

    I'm not much of jumping on bandwagons for anything, really. I'm a huge house and trance music fan. And, nobody I know likes it as much as I do or for the same reasons I do. To answer your question, I believe people love to jump on any bandwagon, just because they think they are more accepted in doing so.

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    yeah but thats just human nature, if u hear something from someone and it makes sense then u will jump on the bandwagon and become a believer. i am an attitude era fan and have always said if only wrestling was like that it would become must see tv again

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