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Eastern Asian(the way they look)?

okay so don't get mad at me because i'm only 14 and just curious...

why are the eastern asian people on here getting mad like if they're korean and people in america say they're chinese?and they also say"sometimes people think i'm korean which is so funny because i'm filipino".i must say honestly i can't tell any of you guys apart.also most Asians in the US are Chinese(fact).also all you see is CHINESE take-out and CHINESE people own majority of the nail salons.

so me and my family was watching the olympics so we came to the conclusion Chinese people look the most different.(many different shaped eyes,noses,and lips).Japanese people eyes are slanted upwards.Koreans idk about them.Filipino's idk either because some of them look straight Puerto Rican and some look Chinese(i meant to say Chinese and i know about the past with Spain).so is this a good way to tell them apart.

okay so all of them are pretty but the people that look most pretty are



3.Japanese's not just based on Olympics but also by the people we know and we know what country they come from.

even if you tell me my descriptions on them are correct i still won't be able to tell you guys apart because aren't you all from the same doesn't matter about your countries because you originate from the same person.that's like someone being able to tell between a two blond americans and trying to think where they come from because they have the same color hair and eyes.but yeah i just had to put this out there.


and again sorry if i offended anybody.just random questions pop up in my mind and need to be answered.

Update 2:

lmao-right jen.all white people do look the same(except for celebrities because you see them so much you know who they are).oh i forgot about the vietnamese.if they're the ones who own the nail salons then they're the prettiest and then its chinese but its a close tie between those 2.

Update 3:

dang it.i forgot about the thai people.okay here's my list redone.

1.Vietnamese2.Thai3.Chinese4.Filipino5.Japanese6.Korean.japanese people all look not so pretty to me.idk.maybe it's just the ones from olympics and i see them on tv and it looks like when they turn to the side they're face is flat.lik u noe ur profile-yeah like the only bump when the turn to the side is there nose.not that its ugly to have only ur nose shape when u turn to the side but its just different

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I'll go easy on you. I'm glad you admitted you are 14. First, I just wanna let you know in advance that you are about to mature very fast. I remember I was a certain way my freshman year in high school. By the time I was a junior, I looked back and I thought man I was so dumb in freshman year. Then even my senior year I looked at the world in a much different way than I did in my junior year.

    More to the point: Look, who cares exactly what nation a person originates from. If you meet someone and you're getting to know someone and you are curious, just ask. Stop looking at Asians like they are animals and you are researching them. This isn't the Discovery Channel. It's obvious you don't know many Asians (possibly not your fault, maybe it's your area), you seem to only be looking at them from afar or television. You are also generalizing who looks the best which isn't healthy. All nations have their good people and their bad people, their pretty people and their uglies. You haven't seem them all and you are really just going by what you've seen in your 14 year life. Also, some Asians (or Koreans by your example) are upset when people assume they are Chinese is because it was an assumption. It's just offensive. The person didn't truly guess, and they didn't even simply ask what the person was. They just straight up assumed the Asian person was Chinese. And most of the time, they use screwed up logic similar to yours, which is why it's offensive. Since most Asians in the US are Chinese, it would be safe and forgivable to assume any given Asian was Chinese? You would be likely to be correct right? Well hell, what percentage of the world is Asian like 1/3? 1/2 if you include west and south Asia. Let's assume everyone in the world is Asian since they are the biggest group, you would be right 50 percent of the time. See how silly your logic is?

    Oh well, soon you will see more of the world. You're only 14. Soon you will mature.

    Final note, in case you didn't know, all Asian countries are different. China, Korea, Vietnam, etc. All speak different languages and have different cultures. It's not like English in the US versus English in the UK or Spanish in Mexico versus Spanish in Puerto Rico ok? Chinese is completely different from Korean, they would not be able to understand each other. Hispanics who aren't Mexican are annoyed when people assume they are Mexican. I don't know how to describe this to someone who has no culture, or takes their own culture for granted (take a trip to the middle east and see how people feel about Americans). Just... be a little more considerate of people's feelings even if you don't understand.

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  • 1 decade ago

    People get upset because to assume that all Asians are Chinese shows ignorance. You're pretty young so I won't accuse you of this. No one likes being lumped into one category. Imagine if all Asians just said that white people looked alike? Caucasians would be pretty upset about it. I am half-Asian and half-Caucasian and when my roommate told me that all Asians looked alike, I told her that to many Asians, Caucasians look alike as well. She got pretty upset about it. It's not necessarily being racist or prejudiced--scientists have known for years that it can be difficult for people of different races to differentiate one another. There actually is a term for this, I just can't remember what it is right now, sorry. The more exposure you have to people of different races and ethnicity's, the more you will be able to not only tell the differences, but also to appreciate these differences. BTW, if you really want to know Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos and Koreans get upset when you confuse them, look in a history book. And yes, Filipino's are Asians, they come from Asia after all! They are South East Asian. Also for the poster above me who thinks that Filipinos are ugly, explain this:

    Filipino women:

    Filipino male:

    Am I trying to say that all Filipinos look like this? No, but neither do all Japanese look good, and neither do all Thai's look good as well. There are beautiful and ugly people in all ethnicity's. Cheers!

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  • Jen
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Who cares if there are more Chinese taekeout places haha...

    We're not all Chinese (Ok, I am, but shiet).

    And of course people would get offended if they're mistaken for Chinese and they're not because they have their own culture and heritage.

    Korea is not China, China is not Vietnam, Vietnam is not Japan, etc etc etc.

    We're all different.

    People from those countries who don't know English wouldn't be able to communicate with each other - there are different traditions.

    As far as physical looks, of course there are distinguishing features and some overlapping features.

    But those overlapping features do not make us the same.

    Although I admit White people look all the same to me..

    I can't tell them apart..

    White people are all mixed anyway.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    EVERYONE living in the USA is American, not just white and black people. "American" is not a race.

    it doesn't matter if someone has an accent or looks different. they are American, period. so it's offensive when u say they are different.

    by the way, it's not the Chinese who own all the nail salons. it's the Vietnamese. (i know i totally negated my point there)

    it's good you want to learn more though :) just be more careful and consider other ppls feelings. think of them as American, just like you, not Chinese or something.

    Source(s): edit: to the first answerer, Filipinos ARE Asian. the Philippines are part of Asia. so they're Asian.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Jen pretty much nailed the answer. One more thing, most nail salons are owned by Vietnamese, not Chinese.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ay bastos!!! jk jk

    i've never understood this whole issue with wanting to tell them apart it so doesnt ******* matter.

    and the philippines is in southeast asia hence they're asian.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think the native thai are most pretty, I'm thai part swedish, I wanna tell u lately in thiland, there are a dozen of chinese come to our country and many born here and taken thai nationality, and I can tell them apart who is pure thai and who is thai-chinese or chinese born in thai or muslim thai etc.

    example of pure native thai childs. ( beautifull eyes)

    Chinese born in thailand and wear traditional thai custume. ( slant eyes.)

    Muslim-thai ( most got arabs or Iran and turkey anchestors from last 300 years)

    Thai celebrity.

    Source(s): P.S I'm living in thailand. I wanna tell you I never seen anyone say filipino are pretty? precise japanese. in asia people find japanese are most pretty and filipino are most ugly and people whon look more caucasian are ugly!, for example, in thailand they like to call the girl who part caucasian or muslim as having a nose like a witch, mannish, curl hair, too pale and bulgy eyes.. however, some people may prefer caucasian look but most are women but the men tend to prefer chinese and japanese. Edit : anyway, I wanna tell you chinese also have got many kind of face even the one with blue eyes or blonde hair, they living in the west of china. you can take a look here the link.;_ylt=App9Q...
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    im from uk and when i visited asia i was offended when a local asked if was that is offensive. ps yes creepy i married a thai girl they are beautiful.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    filipinos aren't asian first of all

    As for telling apart the ethnicities that's easy for me and I'm black

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