Trade Situation--NEED Help?

Ok so I just completed a trade and got AP, this other guy in my league really wants him and said he will give up almost anything for him here is a look at our rosters.

My Roster is this:

QB-Brett Favre

QB-Matt Ryan

WR- Larry Fitzgerald

WR- Hines Ward

WR- Devery Henderson

RB- Marion Barber

RB- Adrian Peterson

TE- Heath Miller

WR/RB- Brandon Jacobs

K- Shaun Suisham

K- Joe Nedney

DEF- Seattle

DEF- Arizona

BN- Anthony Gonzalez-WR

BN- Marvin Harrison-WR

BN- Fred Taylor- RB

BN- Felix Jones-RB

BN- David Garrard-QB

BN-Trent Edwards-QB

BN- Vernon Davis-TE

BN- Patrick Crayton-WR

BN- Sinorice Moss-WR

This is his roster:

QB- Aaron Rodgers

QB- JT O’Sullivan

WR- Steve Smith

WR- Lance Moore

WR- Ike Hilliard

RB- Joseph Addai

RB- Ronnie Brown

TE- Owen Daniels

WR/RB- Jamal Lewis

K- Matt Prate

K- David Akers

DEF- San Diego

DEF- New England

BN-Sebastian Janikowski-K

BN-Kansas City-DEF

BN-Joey Galloway- WR

BN-Sammy Morris- RB

BN-Damon Huard-QB

BN- Matt Flynn-QB

BN- Chris Perry- RB

BN- Robert Royal- TE

BN- Greg Camarillo-WR

I'm looking to make a trade that will give me another solid WR, but the only one he has is Steve Smith, but I was also looking at Ronnie Brown, and the guy already said he would give me Rodgers. So what kinda trade do you think would help my team the most???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. You don't need Rodgers, after his bye he plays (in order), TEN, MIN and CHI and then CHI again during the fantasy championship game (you might not make it that far, but that should be in the back of your mind) with CAR in there as well. Furthermore, it'll start getting cold and the weather in GB correspondingly crappy and they'll start moving away from the pass. He's no Favre.

    2. If you're giving up AP and the guy you're trading to REALLY wants him, then feel free to stick it to him. The very least you should get in return is Ronnie Brown, but I feel like you need a little more to justify the trade. I suggest you also try to get Steve Smith. However since a 2 to 1 trade would be preposterous, you'll have to give him some WRs back.

    First off try AP+Hines Ward for Brown+Smith. This probably won't work unless the guy is really desperate for AP. Should this get rejected or he shows resistance, you can probably throw in another of your bench WRs.

    AP+Hines+Harrison for Brown+Smith has a better chance of happening, but you don't want to offer this first, make him feel as if you gave him a bargain. Adding Harrison won't have given him much more, but it's a big name and his jones for AP probably means he likes the big names.

    good luck and i hope you get a good deal.

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  • 4 years ago

    The Lakers certainly shouldn't commerce Lamar Odom. he's a needed piece to that team and he's having a great 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. Many could say he must be an All-megastar. As for Ron Artest, they should shop him to boot simply by fact they are going to choose him come playoff time. If the Lakers make it to the finals, they're going to maximum probable be dealing with the Boston Celtics or the Miami warmth. they are going to choose Artest to handle Lebron and Wade or Pierce and Allen. No, he's no longer having a great season so a techniques yet he would be waiting as quickly as the playoffs initiate. I do have self assurance the window is last for the Lakers on the grounds that they're getting old and there are various of youthful communities interior the West that have become greater useful and greater useful. If something, the Lakers ought to attend till the season is over to think approximately making any strikes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If he is willing to give almost any one go for a 3 person trade and see if he bites. try for Steve smith, rodgers, & ronnie or addia. he may not go for it though cause really it isn't worth it AP isn't gonna be as fantasy crazy as last year if he doesn't go for giving up his only qb try for smith and addia or ronnie. Either way you'll make out cause you RB's are way strong as it is. maybe try checking with other guys about trading him for a good qb cause favre isn't solid enough. they may bite AP does that to people in fantasy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i agree arron rodgers and ronnie brown for AP is a solid trade

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  • 1 decade ago

    propose him a trade for aaron rodgers and ronnie brown for adrian peterson.

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  • 1 decade ago

    DON'T trade Peterson. Your team is too good with him, and you don't need the extra receiver or QB. You will regret trading him if you do.

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  • 1 decade ago

    dont give him away theres a reason he'll do almost anything for him because hes awesome, and nothing he has is worth giving him up

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