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HELP! Powerpoint 2007/2003! ?

In my office we use a file server to view files from other computers. I am currently making Power points using Microsoft Power Point 2007 and saving them to the file server so my boss can view them and edit them. My boss opens my PP 2007 files with his Power Point 2003 software and some of the texts are some how being converted into picture boxes. I tried saving my 2007 PowerPoint's as 2003 files and a prompt comes up saying that some of the slides will not be compatible if the files are opened on a earlier version of Power Point. I've cleared the format on my files and it still isn't doing anything. Could somebody show me how i can solve this problem.

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    It sounds like you understand the whole backsaving to .ppt to open in earlier versions, etc.

    What is happening with your text changing into a picture is that you have some type of format that is not available in 2003. You did say you cleared your formatting, but I'm not sure what you mean and if you cleared everything. If you have any gradated or picture fill, stroke, soft drop shadow, reflection, any of the fancy 07 stuff on your text, it will maintain it in 2007 by converting the text box to a picture.

    I go back and forth a fair amount. If this doesn't help, let me know - you can even email me if you want.

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  • 4 years ago

    The problem isn't a version thing - it's that (except for in PowerPoint 2010) videos don't embed - they are merely linked. Here's what you need to do... At home, close your PowerPoint file. Make a new folder (with a short name) on your desktop. Put your PowerPoint file and all of the movies you are using in that folder. Open your file and delete each movie file, replacing it with the file from the folder. Copy the entire folder onto your jump drive (or whatever it is you are using to take the files to school) and then copy that entire folder onto the school computer. The links should hold perfectly and the videos should run - do a quick check and, worst case scenario, you could reinsert them if something goes wrong. EDIT: a couple other things - remember to either maintain your file as a 97-2003 (.ppt) file or save it as one at home when you are done. Have you actually already done what I described - if so, the black hole could be a video card issue. There are some cheats to get around that - I won't spend time adding here unless you need.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    first let tell you what the problem is office 2003 saved files in .doc , .ppt format where as office 2007 saves in .docx , .pptx format so this is the difference

    well there are 2 solutions to this problem first is "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007" install it on your boss' pc with office 2003 it will let him access the files made using office 2007

    here is the link to it

    the second solution

    if you don't want to or your boss doesn't allow you to install this on his pc what you have to do is this open the files in your powerpoint 2007 and then click save as instead of save now choose the power point 2003/ppt format in the save as type menu

    this image will help you

    though some features like editing graphs or some other new features will have restricted functionality when you change the format so the first option is the better one

    also why your company wasting such loads of money on a poor office suite like ms offile install ibm lotus symphony or on your computers these programs are "free"and "better" than ms office


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  • 1 decade ago

    You may need to get updated software onto your bosses computer. My suggestion would have been to try to save it in 2003 format. I would check with your IT dept. about getting him updated to 2007. Or, you can see if the software is in the office and install it on his computer.

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