Fun Loving Country Songs....?

Songs like the Clay walker of the 90's

Old Tim McGraw.

A little Garth.

Confederate Railroad

Kenny's first few songs.

I love songs like that any ideas???

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    She Never Cryed When Old Yellow Died

    Jesus And Mama- Confederate Railroad]

    Indian Outlaw- Refried Dreams-

    Not A Moment Too Soon- Tim Mcgraw]

    Much To Young To Feel This Damm Old-

    Friends In Low Places- Papa Loved Mama-

    Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House-

    If Tommorrw Never Comes- Rodeo

    Garth Brooks] Boggie Till The Cows-

    Come Home- Deaming With My Eyes Open-

    Clay Walker] The Tin Man- Whatever It Takes-

    Kenny Chesney] Cinderella- Never New Lonely-

    When I Call Your Name- Liza Jane- Vince Gill]

    Here's A Quater- Anymore- Help Me Hold On-

    Travis Tritt] Small Town Saturday Night-

    Hal Ketchum] Love Me- I Want You Bad-

    But That Ain't Good- In This Life- Collin Raye]

    I Shouldv'e Been A CowBoy- Toby Keith]

    Song Of The South- Dixe Land Delight-

    Jukebox On My Mind- Forever As Far As I'll

    Go- Alabama] Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox-

    When I Die- Joe Diffe] Amaillo By Moring-

    The Chair- Baby Blue- You Know Me Better Than-

    That- If I Know Me- George Strait] Cadillac Style-

    Dont Go Near The Water- Yard Sale- Sammy Kershaw]

    Dallas- Wanted- Midnight In Montgomery-

    Tonight I Climled The Wall- Dont Rock The-

    Jukebox- Alan Jackson] Life A Dance- John Micheal-

    Montgomery] You Had Me From Hello- Kenny Chesney]

    Nobody's Home- Put Yourself In My Shoes-

    A Better Man- Killing Time- Clint Black]

    My Next Broken Heart- Lost And Found-

    Brand New Man- Brooks& Dunn]

    Down At The Twist And Shout- Never Had It So-

    Good- Mary Chapin Carpenter] I Fell In Love-

    Carline Cater] Too Cold At Home- Brother-

    Jukebox- Mark Chesnutt] [Only Here For A-

    Little While- Billy The Kid- My Broken Heart-

    Don't Count The Cost-Billy Dean]

    Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me-

    Meet In The Middle- Mirror Mirror- Diamond Rio]

    Gril's Night Out- Mama He Crazy-Love Is Alive-

    Why Not Me- Have Mercy- The Judds]

    Jealous Bone- Hurt Me Bad In A Real Good-

    Way- Timber I'm Falling In Love- Chains- Don't-

    Toss Us Away- Patty Loveless] Eighteen Wheels-

    And A Dozen Roses-Kathy Mattea] Hillbilly Rock-

    Marty Stuart] Don't Tell Me What To Do-Pam Tills]

    Forever And Ever Amen- Too Gone To Long-

    I Told You So- Randy Travis] Delta Dawn-

    What's Your Mama Name- Tayna Tucker]

    I've Cried My Last Tear- I Meant Ever Word He-

    Said- Life's Little Up And Downs Ricky Van Shelton]

    She's In Love With The Boy- Walk Away Joe-

    Wrong Side Of Memphis- Trisha Yearwood]

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    Country Man- Luke Bryan

    Chicken Fried-Zac Brown Band

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    All of Reba's songs in the late 80's and 90's are good. Like Little Rock and We're So Good Together. Oh, and You Must Really Love Me. Hope I helped!

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    Kenny's got a new fun song out--"Everybody Wanna Go To Heaven" (but, nobody wanna go now) The CD comes out 10/14.

    B : )

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    When The Sun goes down Kenny

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    Pirates of the Mississippi

    Sawyer Brown

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    Hank Williams, Jr. and Big & Rich

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