Whats the best way to driver traffic to my website?

My website offers online traffic school. What is the best way to drive U.S. traffic to my site. I am all over the PPC sellers already...and i rank high in the search engine results.

Is it better to buy banners? Or should i buy into large directories....or just have a large link exchange program?

and dont say all of the above please!

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    Hi, good question...

    There's a whole lot of things you can do actually.

    I would try article marketing if you're interested in that. If you decide to go that way, you can download a free guide about how you can use article marketing to bring traffic to your site here:


    The other thing I use is http://hurleypix.com/3wl This costs a monthly fee - but it works very effectively at giving you very nice rankings in Google. Look over the site if you want to learn more. :)

    Another option is by using web 2.0 sites such as Digg, Twitter, FaceBook, Craigs List, Stumbleupon, etc. You have to get 'in there' and communicate and learn about these sites, build your profile up, etc, but they are pretty good too at motivating people to come look at your websites.

    There's other ways as well including press releases and contributing in forums often.

    Hope that helps. :)

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    While it's great that you're driving traffic to your site using paid search, but that is only a temporary solution. If you don't rank well in the organic search results then one of your competitors can come in with a bigger budget and effectively kick you out of the paid search game.

    The best way to improve your organic rankings is to drive additional traffic to your site - and you do this by writing great content. Start a blog if you don't already have one and participate in social media sites like Facebook (fan pages or groups), LinkedIn, YouTube (create a channel page or post funny videos about traffic school mishaps), etc. Check out your website grade too to see how well your site is already doing and get tips to improve your score.

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    1 decade ago

    Make more keywords and again do the SEO to rank it high. Besides, forum posting and artice submission website will help you to generate great traffic.Also, you might try to buy banner from high traffic webiste/bog which in same niche

    And sorry to say that directory and link exchange wouldnt help much in getting traffic.

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    1 decade ago

    When you state that your "website is ranked high in search engines," exactly what is the search query using generic keywords; not a domain name? What is your website's URL so we can review your metatags and recommend any improvements?

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  • 1 decade ago

    well, there are lots of way to get traffic to your site

    1. social bookmarking

    2. article writing and distributing

    3. Press Release writing/distibution

    4. forum commenting (include URL into your forum signature)

    5. use business networks, such as LinkedIn

    6. Hire professionals and they will save your time AND money::)))

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    7 years ago

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    Put up a detour sign.

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