Im doing a project for school i need to know about the 23rd amendment? all about who and when it was made?

i am making a brochure so i need a lot of information

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    Article I of the U.S. Constitution provided for congressional power to accept land from the states and administer it as the seat of government. The District of Columbia was organized under this power on land ceded by the states of Maryland and Virginia. Congress legislated for the district.

    As the House report accompanying the proposal noted, “District citizens have all the obligations of citizenship, including the payment of Federal taxes, of local taxes, and service in our Armed Forces.” Although taxed and drafted, citizens of the district were not represented. Representation in Congress and electors for president are all apportioned by the Constitution to states. Hence the Constitution made no provision for representation of citizens of the district.

    The Twenty‐third Amendment was proposed by Congress in 1960 and ratified in 1961. It granted the district electors not to exceed in number the amount allocated to the smallest state—in practice three electoral votes though its population would have entitled it to more.

    The Supreme Court has treated the amendment as another in a long series of amendments expanding suffrage in the United States (cf. Reynolds v. Sims, 1964) and therefore precedent by analogy for its one person per vote rulings.

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    GUILTY :( My dad always helped me with my projects, only the drawing parts. But the rest i'd do. And yeah, my dad is a perfectionist too. I think he's the reason why i can draw and i'm a perfectionist as well lol If there was a reason why i got soo many good grades - it was because of my Dad :)

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