Why in the Premier League (English Club Football) the final stages of the competition are not elimination?

See other sports, tennis, basketball, baseball, american football to name a few are all elimination based (either all-together or in the final stages). They encourage playing with everything you got in a do-or-die situation (play hard, or your out). Not only does it make the sport that much more exciting and pulsating, it is also more logical financial-wise. Think of the viewership on a boring, mediocore final fixture between teams on opposite ends of the primiership table. Now think of the viewership between a exciting showdown between the two of the best teams, a climatic and worthy end to the football season. Imagine the potential marketability from a financial standpoint, the last superbowl after all was the most viewed sport event in history.

Its not i dont think teams that are consistent deserve more credit; i just believe each team should be given a chance to redeem themselves; after all, you can only be the best after you beat the best.

Why not i say, implement a system whereby the final weeks of the season are dedicated to playoffs; in an elimination process similar to the Uefa's champions league. What do you think?

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    I completely disagree.

    Here is the reason why.

    The beauty of the league system is to prove who is the best team out of the 38 league game season. That means every game is as important as the next. 3 Points in August is the same as 3 points in May. The leeway is very slim.

    In a playoff system format, there is a lot of leeway because you don't always have to be the best consistent team. I remember in Basketball....specifically the Eastern Conference....teams with .500 or worse record were making it into the playoffs.

    By the way, there is excitement on both ends of the table due to the concept of Relegation. Unlike the US based sports where the worst teams are actually rewarded with a high draft pick, hence cause some not to really give a 100% effort....Finishing last ...actually bottom 3 in the Premier League will relegate you to a lower division, hence meaning loss of potential money, players and viewership from being in the top division. There is also attaining a Champions League and UEFA Cup spots towards the top of the table which does bring a level of excitement as well.

    If you don't understand Relegation....the NBA is a good example.

    They have another division called the NBA Developmental League.

    In the concept of Relegation, the Worst team in the NBA would be dropped into the Developmental League while the best team in the development would be promoted into the NBA. Again just an example.

    The MLS(American based footy league) are actually considering shifting into a single league table and eliminate the playoff system.

    Promotion and Relegation would be a bit out of their reach but Footy pundits want it with the inclusion of the USL league as a second division.

    There are knock out tournaments in England and in almost every league in Europe. For England, there are actually 2....The FA Cup, which can involve any official team within England to participate (Pro and Pro-Amateur) and the Carling Cup which only involves the 92 Professional Club teams.

    By the way, the Superbowl was the most watched sporting event in the US history with 97.5 million. The 2006 World Cup Final attracted 715.1 million people world wide. In all honesty, very little people care about the Superbowl if you live outside the US and a lot of people within the US take the super bowl now as a US tradition to just get together, have a party and take in a game.

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    The league format allows the best side of the season win the trophy, and I think should be kept this way. The idea that a side could finish the league season with maximum points, but could lose 1 game in the knockout and win nothing sounds preposterous.

    There's already too much thought given to making money in the game, it shouldn't be based on money.

    Remove the league from the Champions League as it's only there to make the rich clubs richer (it should be a knockout cup as it was in the European Cup days), and keep the national league as it is.

    The final day of the season is more exciting than it would be with a single game between the top 2, because we have 10 games played at the same time, which can decide champions, european qualifications, relegation, etc.

    I think the play-offs in the lower leagues is a good idea, as these clubs need the money and the trip to Wembley is a great thing for a lower league fan. But it works because it doesn't decide who wins the league, just who joins the winners.

  • Viola
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    Teams and competitions Currently a small number of teams based in Wales play in the English leagues, of which Cardiff City, Swansea City and Wrexham are in the higher leagues in England. Other teams that play in the English leagues are Newport County, Merthyr Tydfil and Colwyn Bay. These 6 teams are excluded from the Welsh Cup but do compete in the FAW Premier Cup. Prestige The Welsh league system is ranked by UEFA in 45th place (out of 52 current members), on par with Northern Ireland and close to the likes of Azerbaijan and Malta. Therefore teams who come top of the league must start at the very early stages of European competitions such as the UEFA Cup.

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    2 Uniteds is spot on. I think the Americans should take a leaf out of English footballs book and start a promotion relegation system within their leagues. Now that would make American sports more exciting.

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  • Some one asked this last week. American sporting ideas are best kept there. The league is won over 38 games and who ever accumulates the most points wins. Its a simple system and doesnt need complicating. So to summarise.....Dont fix whats not broke.

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    because Premier League footy is all about the points..and for a good reason. there is no redeeming yourself in PLF. you either smash it or you dont. when you go up against the best you better bring your A game and thats what makes it so much more exciting.

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    Every 1 plays every1 home and away the team with the most points wins easy as that doesn't need anything else

  • Anonymous
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    Unlike those sports you named, football has seperated cup competitions which has those 'pulsating' finals.

    The FA Cup and Carling Cup are both elimination based tournaments

  • 1 decade ago

    You mean give Tottenham a little bit of a chance on getting better than 20th spot ??!!

    No it wont work.

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