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RaNdOm Q: Someone FAMOUS born on your Birthday?!?

My birthday is July 14 and after googling it, I found out some famous people born on my bday: hehe (I only knew two)

-Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas (Used to love them :P)

-Gerald Ford (American President)

What about YOU?


:P :P besides yourself

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    Nick Valensi, the Strokes guitarist.

    January 16th.

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    Hi Angie.July 14th is a very special day.In America we have the 4th of July as Independence Day.In 1776 that was when Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence.We really weren't independent until we won the war and they finished ratifying The United States Constitution in 1787.Well,July 14th was the Independence Day in France.You have heard the phrase "Storm the Bastille".The Bastille was the prison in which the Aristocracy kept all the political prisoners and criminals as well.A criminal could be anyone who defied the Aristocracy.The people were starving while the Wealthy Class was feeding its' dogs the top cuts of steak.The cry from the people was "There is no bread"which meant the general population was starving.Antoinette of the Aristocracy thought she was being witty when she proclaimed,"There is no bread?""Then let them eat cake."That was the last straw of cruelty.The people gathered what weapons they could and stormed the Bastille became their battle cry.This became the day the Frence celebrate Independence,July 14th.Dang the exact year escapes me for the moment.It was the late 18th Century.Just about the time of the American Independence.Eventually their hatred of the Aristocracy became so fanatical that anyone ,including the servants,were sent to the guillotine.

    Well,besides being the day of French Independence,my best freind,Marcus Dandaneau,was born on July 14th.

    As far as my birthday is concerned,February,there were a few famous people born that day but I've forgotten the majority of them right now.I will answer another of your questions and tell you who.Right now I recall Slidin' Billy Hamilton,a Hall of Fame Baseball player from the 19th century and Sonny Bono of Sonny and Cher.I say that quickly,under my breath because they are not among my favorite musical people.

    In the first paragraph I meant to say that July 14th was a very imporant day in France not America.I guess it is just too early in the morning since I see I left off the day I was born.February 16th,1949.I really wish I had looked up those other people who were born February 16th before I answered this question,but July 14th being France's Independence Day got me raring to go and it being so early I just jumped in.There really are several famous people from various walks of life,but I will send them along later.

    Always Your Good Friend Acai, larry m

    P.S.I suppose that youngster of yours is now growing by leaps and bounds.Always keep the Faith Acai...

  • 4 years ago

    October 4th Alicia Silverstone, Actress Russell Simmons, Hip Hop Mogul Susan Sarandon, Actress

  • 1 decade ago

    Albert Einstein

    Billy Crystal

    Quincy Jones

    Kirby Puckett

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    There are a few of them I found, whilst doing some research. I'm only going to name the ones I know or have heard of though.

    (My birthday : 5 October) :

    * Guy Pearce (41) - I think he's an actor

    * Nicky Hilton (25) - Not that I would EVER consider her a celebrity!!

    * Kate Winslet (33)

    * Bob Geldof (57)

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    Simone de Beauvoir

    Richard Nixon

    Jimmy Page

    Paolo Nutini

    Morrris Gletizman

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    August 28.

    -Kyle Massey (Cory from Cory in the House/That's so Raven)

    -LeAnn Rimes (Singer)

    -Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210)

    -Jack Black (Actor + Tenacious D)

    -Shania Twain (Singer)

    -Jennifer Coolidge (Cinderella Story, Joey + other movies/tv shows)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    King Louis XVI of France who married Marie Antoinette and Gene Kelly. The 23rd of August is a fantastic date to be born on! Hope this helps!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Buster Rhymes, James Stewart, Joe Cocker, Ronald Reagans son, - all born on my birthday May 20th.

  • amanda
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    1 decade ago

    April 14 -

    Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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