why Israel attack Egypt in 1956 and 1967?

I'm Egyptian and I'm trying to know why Israel attack us in the other way Egyptian was looking for peace


OK as it i got 3 answer none of them is first guy say Israel that Egyptian attack Israel in 1948 i say what there was no Israel in 1948 we just try to defend the land the took and about the defeat and how mush Israel kick our *** that wasnt the qutian i say why not how,and it dosnt mean that u strong u attack me, and one more time to the first guy I'm not even Muslim to care if Israel is the people of god or not that is another thing. ,one more time if u looking for peace why u attack other countries?

hope u guys understand

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Kojak best reasonable answer

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what going on why people say something never happen like Egyptian attack first , before anreasonsyone answer @ lest he have to know where is Egypt r on the map ,and to the dude it say the Arab for the last time i m not Arab im Egyptian ,im not even a Muslim i m Cristian it not about realign it 's about

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    While Israel did attack.....Egypt provoked the attacks

    The 1956 Suez War

    From 1955 to 1956, Egypt took an increasingly hostile attitude towards Israel. Hundreds of Israelis were killed in Fedayeen attacks from the Egyptian occupied Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.

    Then, in 1956, Egypt blockaded the Gulf of Aqaba, assumed national control of the Suez canal, and blocked it to Israeli shipping -- both threatening the young State of Israel and violating the Suez Canal Convention of 1888. France and the United Kingdom supported Israel in its determination that the canal should remain open to all nations as per the Convention.

    On October 29, 1956, Israel invaded the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula initiating the 1956 Suez War. International pressure led by the United States forced Israeli withdrawal, first from the Sinai, and eventually from Gaza, but Israel was guaranteed freedom of access to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal and action to end attacks from Gaza.

    Six Day War

    On June 5, 1967, in an overheated political atmosphere, weeks after Egypt blockaded the Straits of Tiran and cut off Israeli shipping, Israel launched a preemptive attack against Egypt, beginning the Six Day War. It rapidly defeated the surrounding Arab states and took control of, among other areas, the Gaza Strip. International pressure mounted on Israel to withdraw from the territories. On November 22, 1967, the UN Security Council adopted UN Security Council Resolution 242, the "land for peace" formula, which called for Israeli withdrawal from territories it captured in 1967 in return for peace with its Arab neighbors.

    So you are correct in that Israel did attack...... BUT you were also wrong ..... Egypt was NOT just looking for peace. Egypt provoked these attacks by violating International Treaties and conducting raids / killing Israelis

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    It was the British that partitioned with UN consent in 1948 and from day one people started Killing Jews and anyone who took the side of the Jews were also Killed and to my Knowledge the Israeli Government has been very tolerant and acted in self defence I believe that the partition was too small and Israel should be bordering the Suez canal after what the Egyptians have been doing and trying to do almost since time began

    Israel has the Right to Exist and Any country that disagrees deserves anything and everything that Israel decides to dish out

    this is 2008 and i personally don't care what your Race Creed Colour Gender Religion or politics Beliefs are this is My planet and i Know we can live together and it is time we all learn to live together

    Australia is a perfect example we agree to disagree but we dont kill each other because Christians dont Want a Muslim School in their area

    or Chinese areas that only speak Chinese and we did nothing to stop whole suburbs being taken over by Non Christian And non Australian groups of people

    the Americans Murdered the Indians but the Indians that wiped out Custer Moved to Canada and i beleive they are still there Why because the Canadians Gave them a FAIR GO

    If You Ignore Israel they will Ignore you you Bomb them i hope they will retaliate 10 fold

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    The Yom Kipur war occurred when Egypt and other middle east nations all attacked Israel at the same time. For the first few days Israel was taking heavy loses and then they retrenched and moved forward against all parties. They defeated Egypt. They could have gone to Cairo but decided it would not be wise politically to do so. They defeated Syria and took the Golan Heights. They captured the West bank and other Palestinian territory. (Gaza). Peace was made with Egypt and all land was returned. Gaza was returned to the Palestinians as was almost all of the West Bank. Only the Golan Heights are still held by Israel for strategic purposes. Israel is a small country surrounded by many countries that would like to see it fail, however, Israel has taken an oath (every citizen) that this will never happen. Israel will fight to the last man before they give in. Israel has a mighty fighting machine with modern weaponry and if necessary they are prepared to even drop the atomic bomb on its enemies if necessary.

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    From what I have read, intelligence reports that Israel obtained prior to that indicated that Israel's enemies (Egypt, Syria, and Jordan) were going to attack Israel within a week. Had Israel waited until then, things may have gone very differently. Riad: Interesting comment since it seems to imply that you do not think the invasion of Iraq was justified. I actually do think it was justified but Israel had a bigger justification than the US. In Israel's case, had they not have attacked, they would have been attacked which would have resulted in the possible destruction of Israel itself. The US has never faced that kind of threat.

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  • So many people have a deluded view of the world - no, Israel attacked first. The Six Day War started with a pre-emptive Israeli attack. Egypt DID NOT attack first. See the source for an accurate timeline. If anyone thinks otherwise, they're welcome to either prove otherwise with a reliable site.

    Why did Israel attack Egypt? They felt threatened. Prior to the war, Egypt had expelled UN peacekeepers from the Sinai. They openly called for a united Arab war to destroy Israel. They banned Israeli shipping from crossing the Straits of Tiran. To top it off, they deployed quite a large Army on the border with Israel.

    That's not to say Israel acted innocently within the prior ten years - nothing is ever that black and white (ie, in 1966 Israel launched a 3,000 man raid into Jordan). But could you blame them for striking first in the face of a coming invasion?

  • I believe you need a little history lesson. Since 1948, Israel has been attacked by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, or Iraq from a long distance. Each time, Israel has soundly defeated them and in the course of victory, had secured more land, like the Sinai Peninsula. The closest Israel came to being defeated was in 1973, know as the "Yon Kippur War." The colaboration of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan got to within a few miles of Jerusalem, yet again pushing them back and gaining more territory in the process. I hope that satisfies your curiosity.

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    They were defending themselves which was why the US gave them new high tech weapons to kick butt and they did! They took on about 7 different Arab countries and even Cuban military advisers lol look it up on Wiki sorry as a Egyptian it must burn you!

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    you cant just decide to start a country somewhere out of the blue. You're gonna piss some people off.

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    You have been lied to. Egypt attacked Israel. Two other Arab countries assisted in the attack. Israel defeated Egypt, captured part of their land, and then gave it back to them when they cried about it.

    Israel is surrounded by hostile countries on every side and manages to keep winning.

    If Islam really was the true religion, i think Allah would have seen Israel defeated by now. It could be that God, the Christian God, is the real One and that Israelis are his chosen people.

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    there is no doubt that egyptian forces attacked israel

    the myth that israel attacked first is spread by arabs due to their defeat being so total

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