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'Official members', unofficial members', ex-officio members'

I am studying the HK history. I don't understand the structure of the past councils. What is the difference between 'official members', 'unofficial members', 'ex-officio members'???

(Please explain it as simple as possible!)


To do_you_think_that_i_am_foolish , does that mean ex-officio is higher than official?

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    Well...let me try to explain it in a simpler way :P

    As you know, the Executive Council (Exco) & the Legislative Council (Legco) were both under the Governor in the past political structure of HK.

    The three types of officials metioned were actually under the Legco.


    ex-officio members:

    - British

    - appointed by governor

    - top officials

    - the financial secretary was included too

    official members:

    - British

    - invited by the govt

    - received salaries from the govt

    unofficial members:

    - British merchants

    - not paid

    - reflected opinions from HK citizens

    **further information will to be added if necessary because I haven't got my textbk in hand. I typed this through reading my notes.

    Hope it helps!

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    Sure. Ex-officios were the toppest ones among three. (as mentioned by my history teacher)

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