Legalistic Council~

I want to ask that currently who responds to lead the whole council? I mean if it is on process can anyone tell me that how the leader got produced...? Sorry I've only lived in HK for 2 years so...

Or if anyone explain more detailed~please, very appreciate with all of those answerers who have put effort in their answers ;)

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    The correct name should be Legislative Council~~


    New Legco president elected

    Pro-Government DAB legislator Tsang Yok-sing was elected Legco president with 36 votes by secret ballot, beating DP rival Fred Li who managed to garner 24 votes.

    While saying that he would resign from Exco as there might be conflicts between the two roles, Mr Tsang, however, remained tight-lipped on whether he was a member of the Communist Party.

    But his DAB colleague Chan Kam-lam admitted that increasing public pressure for disclosure of Mr Tsang's background must be addressed, adding that the party would discuss the matter at a meeting later.

    Expressing satisfaction with the 24 votes he got - one vote more than the pro-democracy camp's 23 legislators - Mr Li said the result was an encouraging breakthrough, hoping that this was a sign that independent lawmakers would be willing to cooperate with the pan-democrats.

    Meanwhile, the papers also highlighted the "surprise" victory of The Frontier's Emily Lau over the chairmanship of the Finance Committee by 30 to 28 votes, defeating pro-establishment legislator Philip Wong.

    Saying that she was not surprised with the result, Ms Lau stressed that it showed that pan-democratic lawmakers could communicate with other legislators. She again urged the Government and the Liaison Office not to interfere with any elections.

    While she had voted for Mr Wong, LP's Miriam Lau believed that Ms Lau, as chairman, would be more democratic and would give committee members more chances to voice their views.

    Source(s): News from 09/10/2008, new legco president elected on 08/10/2008
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