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Panasonic LX3 Versus Canon G9 / G10

In terms of speed (auto focus, shutter lag, ... etc.), which one is better? I'd like to buy one for my little boy (9 months old), any recommendations on the choice?

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  • Keith
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    In terms of speed (auto focus, shutter lag ..etc), I guess it’s hard to notice the difference between LX3 and G9 (or G10). The difference maybe 0.01 seconds, depends on shooting environment. I don’t really see any good sense in comparing it, to be frank. I’d see the major difference is the zoom range, where LX3 is wider but short range, and G9 has a longer range but no so wide. Which one is more valuable and useful depends on how you need a camera.

    Some more advices. If your major concern is to catch the unexpected, spontaneous movement of your little baby boy, you may need to consider two issues here. One is , as you said, the response time (shutter lag time) and the other is noise control (the ability to produce good quality photo in indoor or night time). LX3/G9/G10 surely has a better performance than those ultra compact DC, but not significantly, I’d say. Yet, if you are really look for a STEP improvement, go up to DSLR or go back to film camera is my recommendation. For DSLR, pick any entry-level one can have great impact. Check the Olympus E420, which is not a real big bulk and price is even lower than LX3 or G10! Value for money! For film camera, check the Fuji Natura Classica, around HK$2K, and use Natura 1600 film (around $55/roll), you will have a different feel of photo guaranteed!

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