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有關global warming的Thesis不夠清楚???

以下是我的Thesis有關於global warming,但我老師說我寫這樣沒有clear thesis statement,我就是搞不太清楚introduction and thesis差在哪,希望有人可以幫我看一下,跟我說我是還要再加哪些東西進去thesis裡面,謝謝

Today, global warming is the most hotly debated issue in the world.

It refers to climate change that causes the average temperature of the

lower atmosphere to increase. Global warming has different causes,

scientists are not absolutely certain what cause global warming

but it is generally associated with destructive human behavior,

especially emission of amounts of greenhouse gases such as

carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor.

These gases are destroying the atmosphere and making the Earth’s

temperature rise. Humanity emits a large amount of carbon dioxide

from combustion oil, gas and coal. The burning of oil and another

fossil fuel has put over 700 billion ton of carbon pollution in the

atmosphere. This circumstance is occurring at an accelerated pace

and the effects are already in evidence that are extreme weather,

rising sea levels, wildlife extinction, coral reefs dying,

giant chunks ice melting and killer hit wave among them.

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    Introduction = 介紹

    Thesis Statement = 一開始就說你這段要講的是什麼

    我認為你的老師是希望你在每一段一開始,都要放一個Thesis Statement. 架構: Statement => Explanation=> Example


    Today, global warming is the most hotly debated issue in the world. <==more like an introduction to me


    Global warming is a deadly disaster that heavily influences our lifes today.

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