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圓圓 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago




1. 將do、doed或did填入括弧中。

2. 把下列各句改為否定句。

3. 選擇括弧內正確的答案。

4. 在括弧內填入適當的助動詞,使各組句的意思相同。

5. 更正下列句子中的錯誤。

6. 說明下列各句中will和would的用法。

7. 下列句子中畫底線的部分,若有需要請填入適當的冠詞。

8. 在下列各句中的關係代名詞,如果有可省略掉的,就把他省略掉。



我的意思是:幫我把中文句子,翻譯成英文。 @~@"

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    1. To do, doed or did fill in parentheses.

    2. To the following sentence be changed to negate the sentence.

    3. Brackets denote choose the right answer.

    4. Fill in the brackets denote the appropriate auxiliary to make the sentence means the same group.

    5. To correct errors in the following sentence.

    6. Note the following sentence would and will use the.

    7. The following sentence in the bottom part of the picture, if necessary, please fill in the appropriate article.

    8. In the following sentence synonymous with the relationship, if there can be omitted, and omitted him out.

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